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AEW League Standings - Post 11.12.19

Male Singles

Images of Male Singles One on One League and Male Singles Overall.

Jon Moxley is being positioned as the biggest threat to Chris Jericho’s consistent dominance of AEW. Without respecting AEW’s unsanctioned rule, he is above Jericho in one on ones.

Out with Moxley, MJF is the next best built singles wrestler in this division. He is beginning to come into his own as the heel MJF character long time AEW fans were expecting. Expect this to be the beginning of a long push.

Shawn Spears’ singles record is interesting and was highlighted on Dynamite. However it was strange that they highlighted that he had achieved four one on one wins in a row then made a thing of him looking for a tag partner.

The 2-0 of Luchasaurus and Rey Fenix are also intriguing. Expect to see more from both men in the singles ranks. Fenix’s respect story is interesting. Whereas, Luchasaurus seems to be at the beginning of his push as a singles star.


1. Jon Moxley

2. Cody Rhodes

3. Shawn Spears

4. Kenny Omega

5. Pac

Female Singles

Images of Female Singles One on One and Female Overall Standings.

Where to start with the Women’s division...

From a sports-centric standpoint, where the league table is made up of results that are not scheduled to be aired in the forth coming week... Nyla Rose and Hikaru Shida are the only competitors to have achieved a positive one one one record. When we consider all match types Britt Baker joins them.

The numbers don’t support the current booking of the women’s division. As someone trying to add something with a league standings system, I am frustrated by this division.


1. Nyla Rose

2. Hikaru Shida

3. Britt Baker

4. Allie

5. Kris Statlander


Image of Tag Team Standings.

The Bucks have been built up over the last two weeks over the last two weeks. Whether they will take the titles or not hasn't been made clear. It's probably too soon for that. It is inevitable they will hold the belts and will most likely have a long reign where they put over a number of tag teams a la John Cena's US Title run.

The fall down the standings of Santana and Ortiz is odd. They were built up as the strongest team in the division however a loss to Private Party and another to the Bucks has normalised they as a tag team. This is the same story as the Lucha Bros who there the monster team of the Tag Tournament and have since been normalised. This is a bit too seesaw for my liking. However, PNP hold a victory over the Young Bucks and a rubber match is deserves. This is a big future opportunity for them.

Dark Order, Private Party and Best Friends are in stasis. Either team could climb the rankings with a couple victories and challenge the victors of Bucks/SCU. Dark Order are building up a wave of momentum with their excellent gimmick.

It seems unlikely that Omega Cowboys will be putting together a concerted run at the titles. It is too early to consider The Butcher and The Blade.


1. Young Bucks

2. Proud and Powerful

3. Dark Order

4. Private Party

5. Best Friends

Overall - Top 10

What is great about the Overall League Standings is that we see wrestlers who have wrestled a lot rising to the top.

Interestingly Moxley is the only non-champion splitting the collection of champions at the top. Additionally the Bucks/SCU will be a huge one based on this league table. Britt Baker is thus far the Iron-woman of AEW.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Jericho

2. Riho

3. Moxley

4. SCU

5. Young Bucks


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