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Updated: Nov 22, 2021

In-ring Statistics from AEW's All Out 2021

In this article you will find statistics from the 7 biggest matches at AEW All Out 2021. This comprises of 6 1v1 matches and a 2v2 match or 6 men's matches and 1 women's match or 4 title matches and 3 non-title matches. This card included the in-ring debut of CM Punk in AEW after 7 years away from wrestling and saw one of the highest rated matches in AEW history; a match that is 1st or 2nd rated depending on where the ratings settle.

The reaction to this pay per view has been momentous due to the quality of the card and the exciting debuts that occurred throughout the event. Fans are abuzz with what happens next, be it the future challengers for various championships, CM Punk, and those that debuted at All Out. Check out all the statistics for the major in-ring action at AEW All Out.

Lucha Bros vs Young Bucks - AEW World Tag Team Championship

Here are the numbers from the titanic clash between the Bucks and the Lucha Bros. This was the best received match on the card, the longest match and the most statistically rich match. Advantages for the Lucha Bros occurred in simple strikes, grapples, dives and reversals whereas the Bucks scored advantages in strikedowns, submission, weapon attacks and double teams.

Pin Breaks was a new category added for this match to replace other tag statistics that would not be applicable with the tornado rules of this match. These are pin break ups where a wrestler breaks up a pin saving their partner and the match.

The most notable thing in this match is the Big Offence (strikedowns+grapples+dives+every consecutive 10s of submission and in this match weapon attacks), you'll note throughout this article that none of the other matches get anywhere near the combined total of 84 in this match.

An all or nothing back and forth match until 7m where the Bucks took control via the thumb-tacked shoe. This period of dominance was pretty all-encompassing until the match became a back and forth with closer distribution of offence in each minute.

The Lucha Bros' hot start took 6 minutes of Young Bucks near total domination to pull back. At 15 minutes was the biggest Young Bucks lead in terms of total offence and it did take the Lucha Bros until minute 21 to regain the advantage.

You will notice in the comparison of the most offence rich matches at All Out, the Young Bucks and Lucha Bros were working at a level barely touched by any of the other matches. A few matches had a participant who equalled or bettered one of the teams in one of the metrics but that really is the limit of the parity. However it is worth highlighting that there were 4 men in this one!

CM Punk vs Darby Allin

This one was the complete opposite of the tag match. Punk and Darby put on a supremely measured bout, built around submissions and big moments. Punk's stats are of a powerful, grinding tactic; big hits and draining submission. Whereas Darby is more stick and move; plentiful simple strikes and fast dives.

The first 6 minutes of this one are very even with Punk attempting to and mostly managing to keep pace with Darby. He earns himself a period of control from 6m-9m before a back and forth trade off of momentum for the next 6 minutes before Darby brings the biggest offensive flurry of the match in minute 15. This is ultimately unsuccessful and Punk picks his spot to win.

The two men are together i terms of offence total for the first 6m. Punk opens up a lead that peaks at minute 9, by minute 11 Darby has almost pulled it back but Punk pulls away again until Darby's hug minute 15 gives him a short-lived lead. Punk fittingly nicks it at the end as he also wins the match!

As you can see below the statistics for the CM Punk/Darby Allin match are generally far less plentiful than the other matches on the card. In fact Punk's strike rate is far below everyone else's and Darby's is only ahead of Punk and MJF's. The grapple rate of a combined 29 per hour is the lowest of any match and the strikedown rate of the same value is the second lowest!

Notable stats are Punk's submission use, Allin's use of dives and the total presence of reversals in the match.

Kris Statlander vs Britt Baker - AEW Women's World Championship

Interestingly the usually impactful, Kris Statlander finished the match only with more strikedowns than her opponent. Baker utilised more grapples and dives than Statlander. Baker's domination in simple strikes and submissions were to be expected. It would appear Statlander's role was as foil for Baker to help her turn around the recent trend of underwhelming title matches. However the lack of rule-breaking from Baker may hint at other character or style developments.

This is the prototypical hot babyface start then heel heat segment in the middle of the match with the babyface mounting a comeback to win it. Except the roles are reversed. Or are things not that black and white in AEW?

The only surprise in the totalling of the minute by minute is how long it takes Statlander to gain an advantage in the total offence. In fact this only lasted for a minute!

In comparison to the other title matches this match was one of the most evenly balanced match between the two competitors. Oddly, it was the only title match where both wrestlers used submission holds. It was also the only one that had a participant that used no fouls whatsoever.

Christian Cage vs Kenny Omega - AEW World Championship

In an evenly split match Omega edged out Christian in a number of metrics; Cage's only advantages occurred via a single dive and a few more reversals. In what was one of the longest matches at All Out this match was very measured and offence was rationed somewhat.

This match was fairly even until they hit the 13 minute mark; Omega had a period of control and so did Christian. Omega then kept Christian under complete control for 3 whole minutes. The next 6 minutes saw Christian then completely lock out Omega for 4 of the 6.

In terms of the total offence dealt out out from 4 minutes onwards Omega had the lead. Christian almost pulled it back by the 11th minute. This were getting close again by 20 minutes but Christian never really got the best of Omega.

Out of the big matches at All Out this one was fairly unremarkable. It was close but Omega had small advantages almost completely across the board. Christian's performance was fairly unremarkable and Omega's performance was underwhelming for him and his lofty standards.

Statistics for:

- Chris Jericho vs MJF

- Satoshi Kojima vs Jon Moxley

- Miro vs Eddie Kingston

Thank you for reading, please leave your favourite or most surprising stat in the comments! Follow us on social media, check out our podcast and join the website via Google accounts.

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