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Wrestler Ratings | This Week’s AEW Collision: 19/08/2023

This week’s episode of AEW Collision took place in Lexington, Kentucky. We are now just a week away from All In at Wembley Stadium so much of the focus in this episode was about building on these matches, as well as setting up a card for All Out in 2 weeks time. There was lots of action to talk about, but it is noteworthy that there were some quality vignettes throughout this week's Collision - featuring the likes of LIF, Malakai Black, Darby Allin and Ricky Starks.

A 1 to 10 point scale will be used each week to score wrestlers who appear on AEW Collision. Wrestlers will be scored as follows:

Note: Not all personalities who appear will be scored i.e. wrestlers in backstage promos or interviews, jobbers. Wrestlers who feature in matches but are not part of AEW’s roster will be scored but will not feature in the Form Table.

Let’s take a look at this week’s ratings:

Darby Allin - 9

In between two feuds at the moment, but he's making the viewers care. I'm convinced Darby could make great-grandmother's pop for him. Thoroughly entertaining main event, hung well with Christian and sold his injured shoulder throughout the match well. The little knack for checking his shoulder after every big move he executed was a nice touch. Sold the spear beautifully towards the end and took a sweet hit with his Coffin Drop on the ring apron too. Hectic match, protected Christian well too. He's becoming a seasoned pro.

Christian Cage - 8

Edge main-evented Smackdown on the Friday and Christian main-evented Collision on the night after - it did not feel out of place in the slightest. Give Christian all the flowers whilst you can, this match was a fine example of how he wastes no motion. He built his offence around Darby's shoulder and both men told a great story with it. Sometimes it makes me wonder deeply how in his prime, WWE never fully gave him the ball to run with.

Willow Nightingale - 8

From the moment she walks out to the last, her emotions are instrumental to her character. She always portrays them so clearly and so well. Her change in intensity from before Mercedes came out as a distraction to afterwards was distinct, making the audience feel the psychological outnumbering too. The crowd was quite dead up until this match, but she engaged the Lexington crowd well.

Jay White - 8

As a wrestler, it must be fun working with Jay White. Always sells so well for the opponent no matter who it is without making himself look inferior for it. Felt like triple duty for him tonight, having wrestled, cut a fine NJPW-esque promo and sat on commentary on the same night. He's really making this show feel like home.

Juice Robinson - 8

This guy brings a chaotic mess with him and it is so wonderful. Solid outing enhanced by using the Iron Savage leg as a guitar when making the winning pin.

Dalton Castle - 7

If any wrestler complains about not being able to express themselves with a mic, I hope they look at Dalton Castle for inspiration. He's become notorious for cutting promos during his ring entrance this year. Most notable move was his impressive deadlift German Suplex on Jay White. The hang time on that was superb. Quite enjoyed when he hopelessly reached out for the rope during the 3 count. For future reference, I wish to see him in action against Juice Robinson on this show.

Diamanté - 7

A really nice touch to have the gun clicks mimed in her entrance. The use of her legs as a variance for offence is often smooth and adds some really nice flow to her wrestling. Overall, she did her part well and used frequent taunting to establish her role. But for the most part, she was wrestling too silently.

Iron Savages - 7

With their size and comedy, they remind me of Heavy Machinery when they came up from NXT. They livened up a dead crowd and put in a solid match to follow up on last week's appearance. The double 'End of Days' by Bear Bronson would be something Baron Corbin would be proud of.

Samoa Joe - 6

Just a brief appearance for the ROH World TV Champion. Sold the GTS well despite the awkwardness of it.

The Gunns - 6

It is telling how highly rated Bullet Club Gold are that they got a great amount of TV time in this episode. Austin is getting very comfortable with promos, learning well from the best. Big fan of the balance that Gunns in BCG brings without being sidelined to just a comedy duo.

Big Bill - 6

There was an iffy big boot delivered in his match, but being in the henchman role works well for Bill.

Will Hobbs - 5

There's not too many spinebusters in wrestling right now that are better than Hobbs'. He's even doing them one handed now. The match at All Out between him and Miro is now confirmed, it will be intriguing to see who wins considering both guys need the win.

CM Punk - 5

At least when Punk wears a full body suit and mask, he doesn't get booed. The GTS he delivered on Joe was awkward, but the segment was short and sweet. Still feels like it doesn't make much sense to have this match at All In. A match against Starks would've been better served, with some involvement from Joe to set up a Triple Threat at All Out. It's the match with probably the least momentum to it from the All In card.

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