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Wrestler Ratings | This Week’s AEW Collision: 12/08/2023

This week’s episode of AEW Collision took place in Greensboro, North Carolina. With just two weeks to go to All In, and 3 weeks from All Out, much of the focus was built on an anticipated period for AEW.

A 1 to 10 point scale will be used each week to score wrestlers who appear on AEW Collision. Wrestlers who partake in matches and in-ring promos will be scored as follows:

Note: Not all personalities who appear will be scored i.e. wrestlers in backstage promos or interviews, jobbers. Wrestlers who feature in matches but are not part of AEW’s roster will be scored but will not feature in the Form Table.

Let’s take a look at this week’s ratings:

Ricky Starks - 7

Starks delivered an intense promo, after the suspension revelation. That’s gutting for anyone attending All In/Out. Waging ‘war’ should see him involved in some capacity, possibly as an interference at All In. Makes little sense to disrupt the momentum he’s gathered in recent weeks on Collision.

House of Black - 7

Brody continues to look like a star without diminishing the efforts of Buddy/Malakai. House of Black members are great at bringing different things to the team, which makes them gel so well together. The brute strength of Brody was a key narrative in the match, often using all 3 opponents to build a story of bringing down Goliath. Brody King’s whole demeanour is just excellent in all senses, the cannonball splash is on par with a Kevin Owens one. Punk and Malakai teased a cross-legged showdown. That’s a feud I’m sure we’ll see down the road given both men are Collision exclusive.

CM Punk & FTR - 7

Punk took on the hot tag, it varies how well that works on the town Collision in but this one was not a favourable one.  Wheeler’s bulldog from the top rope was greatly executed. All in all, Cash’s sharp spikes in intensity meshes well with Dax’s methodical style often. Here, Dax took on most of the beating. Samoa Joe’s involvement was expected, but nicely booked so as not to ruin a fairly good match and develop their own story for All In.

Diamanté - 7

Took the spotlight and really ran with it on her competitive return to AEW. Generally good chemistry between her and Mercedes, sold being heel really well. Could’ve handled the sneak aid for the win better by latching Mercedes’ arm onto the rope rather than using her own bodyweight. The ROH/AEW cross-over is quite prominent on Collision - this is a really good example of it.

The Acclaimed - 7

Caster’s selling has significantly improved as of late. He sold Iron Savage’s gutting strength right to his ribs, and set up Bowens for the hot tag. All in all, a solidly structured and disciplined tag match. I can’t even recall a time when Billy Gunn wasn’t part of this act, which makes it feel weird when Daddy Ass isn’t there. This should set up a huge pop on his return since we’re getting a final Trios run at some point.

Iron Savage - 7

For someone who doesn’t follow ROH religiously, this tag team was a pleasant surprise. Their offence was convincing as much as their selling towards the end of the match. The control from them in the opening third of the match really built up a nice finish.

Mercedes Martinez - 6

Props to her for ‘letting’ Diamanté shine for much of the match. The veteran was used as a metaphorical and literal propellor - when she launched her partner onto a pile-up on the outside of the ring. Secured the win, albeit a slightly awkward finish. Her arrival on Collision in recent weeks has brought some steady and focused booking for the women.

Kris Statlander - 6

The fisherman buster was a smooth highlight. Just like Mercedes, she gave most of the spotlight to her partner to shine on the night. I already like Statlander’s reign better than the second half of Jade Cargill’s, even with minimal title defenses. The secondary women’s title already feels more valuable than the world championship scene at the minute.

Willow Nightingale - 6

The Japanese style of wrestling she brings with her striking in particular would make for some entertaining match-ups going forward. She’s really found her own in the last few months. Sold her emotions during the beatdowns particularly well, drawing sympathy from the crowd.

Samoa Joe - 6

Sold the reading of his walk-away spot as insulting. How dare his opponent scout him? Pretty much the same simple post-match promo as last week, but Joe’s delivery makes it unique. Expect the Joe/Punk interactions to ramp up a gear over the next two weeks.

Andrew Everett - 5

Cool spot to read the walk-away, but besides that some pretty cool selling of Joe’s rage. Did his part well in an entertaining squash.

Miro - 5

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that a feud with someone like Hobbs would be good to see. Miro finally has a story going for him, hallelujah. Sold being outsmarted by the numbers game well, gives the story something to go on already.

Will Hobbs - 4

Here’s another big guy I want to like but it’s just not happening. Look at the trajectory between him and Ricky Starks, you’ll see they’re miles apart. Hobbs should’ve been making event ready by now but he’s still missing something - not sure what. I get what they tried to achieve with this segment, it was fine but misplaced. Not necessarily all Hobbs’ fault, albeit a weak promo, but building for All Out just feels insulting. Two back to back weekly PPV’s is wrong.

Luchasaurus - 4

Call me a dino-phobe but I’m still not feeling Luchasaurus. The only time I do is when he makes Christian look tough with a big guy next to him. He’s lucky Christian is there. It’s hard to tell through his expressions whether or not he’s actually conflicted about Christian holding his TNT title. Aside from the post-match shenanigans involving Darby Allin, this match felt like it should’ve belonged on Rampage instead. Throughly not entertained.

Brock Anderson - 3

I get the hometown incentive but it was unnecessary. The show is still getting into its groove, but any nonsense on Collision feels especially dragged out. This match felt twice as long as it was. Brock’s miscommunication and/or botch on a simple suplex summed it up.

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