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Wrestler Ratings | This Week’s AEW Collision: 04/11/2023

The latest episode of AEW Collision took place in Wichita, Kansas.

A 1 to 10 point scale will be used each week to score wrestlers who appear in matches on AEW Collision, and occasionally in notable segments. Wrestlers will be scored as follows:

Note: Not all personalities who appear will be scored i.e. wrestlers in backstage promos or interviews, jobbers. Wrestlers who feature in matches but are not part of AEW’s roster will be scored but will not feature in the Form Table.

The Kingdom vs James McGregor and Brixton Nash was not scored.

Let’s take a look at this week’s ratings:

AR Fox (6) vs Swerve Strickland (6):

This was a competitive opener between two men very familiar with each other and their wrestling styles. It was a competitive outing where both guys established their roles with the crowd very early on and worked at a considerably high level. Fox took a few bumps to his shins throughout the match and his height on hang time was impressive once again.

Lance Archer (6) vs Darby Allin (6):

Before the bell rang for this match, you already knew how this one was going to go. However, it didn’t take away from the joy of seeing Darby ragdolled in multiple ways. He took some rough back bumps both inside and outside of the ring, as per usual. It was a good performance by both men who knew their roles and executed it well.

The Acclaimed (6) vs Dalton Castle and The Boys (6):

The 69 Celebration was getting way too ‘sports entertain-y’, but got an incredible crowd action before it was diluted with some fun trios action. It was the hottest that the crowd got all night by far, and the commentary did well to mention that this was already The Acclaimed’s 9th title defence - one more than House of Black.

Kip Sabian, The Workhorsemen (5) vs Mark Briscoe, Keith Lee and Dustin Rhodes (5):

This was a short outing that epitomised the meaning of filler episode this week. More TV time for The Workhorsemen is always welcome with the hard hitting style they bring to their game.

Emi Sakura (7) vs Willow Nightingale (7):

This was the match of the night, which would come across as no surprise given the array of talent this contest had. Two hard hitting, strong style women brought their A game in the time that they were given to comfortably work with. The Death Valley Driver by Willow looked rough on Sakura’s neck, but elsewhere everything went smoothly enough.

FTR (6) & Los Faction Ingobernables (7) vs Big Bill, Ricky Starks (6) & Mogul Embassy (6):

The keynote from this main event was the return of Rush and what an asset he can become for AEW going forward. He was high on adrenaline and ran through this match on 100%. The most aesthetically pleasing part of this was his forearm on Starks at the start of the match. The downside of this was that Preston Vance barely got any ring time, but everyone else involved got a considerable amount of time to work with. Big Bill in particular has looked like a menace in recent weeks and tends to be confident when working with Starks in tag or trios matches.

Form Table

Click the below images to see this week's updated form tables:


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