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Wrestler of the Year Candidate 9

Shingo Takagi

Shingo spent a large portion of 2019 undefeated in NJPW. He ran through the group stage of the Super Juniors with a 100% record. He then competed in the G1 and transitioned into the heavyweight division. He has had many critically acclaimed matches this year with notable encounters with Ospreay, Goto and Ishii.

Fans have been taken by the speed with which he moves around the ring and the heaviness of his striking ability. The intensity of his performance and showmanship brings a realism to his matches that few can match.

2020 could be a big year for Takagi as he can not be too far away from earning a title opportunity.

Matches: 150

Wins: 113 (75%)

Losses: 36 (24%)

Draws: 1 (1%)

Number of matches over 5*: 3

Highest rated match: vs Ospreay at BOSJ Finals - 5.75*

PWI Rating: 67

Title Reigns

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships - 61 days

Total - 61 days



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