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Wrestler of the Year Candidate 8

Tessa Blanchard

The WWE are determined to push the idea that they are driving forward women's wrestling. To say that they're not is untrue. The way the WWE has promoted women's wrestling over the last few years in undeniable. However, it is also undeniable that Tessa Blanchard if the woman in all of wrestling that is breaking down the most barriers for women in the business.

Following in the footsteps of China, Stratus, Lita, AJ Lee, pre-WWE Candace LeRae and the four horsewomen, Blanchard is breaking down barriers and taking women's wrestling into the limelight. WWE ran an advert for WWE 2k20 in which Becky Lynch breaks through the 'glass ceiling'. No one is doing this more than Tessa Blanchard.

A huge performance against Sami Calihan went viral and will have drawn many eyes to Impact Wrestling. She is the biggest star in that company and the hottest potential female signee for WWE/AEW. 2019has been huge for Blanchard but 2020 could be bigger with her slated to go up against Calihan again, this time for the Impact World Championship.

Matches: 80

Wins: 57 (71%)

Losses: 23 (29%)

Draws: 0 (0%)

Number of matches over 5*: 0

Highest rated match: vs Calihan at Slammiversary 17 - 4.25*

PWI Rating: N/A

Title Reigns

PCW Ultra Women's Championship - 258 days

AAA Reina de Reinas Championship - 43 days

WC Lady of the Ring Championship - 206 days

WOW Championship - 136 days

The Crash Femenil Championship - 33 days

Impact Knockouts Championship - 6 days

Zelo Pro Women's Championship - 4 days

Total - 686 days



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