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Wrestler of the Year Candidate 7

Jon Moxley

A break out year for Jon Moxley! He cast off the restrictive chains of the WWE and tore through Japan, the independent scene and the fledgling AEW promotion.

An incredible performance in the G1 where he proved himself in the ultra competitive world of NJPW. His G1 story of becoming a master strategist that was totally unpredictable whilst getting over Shota Umino in interviews captured the hearts of many.

His promo work and ferocious in ring work in the early days of AEW really highlights the problem with WWE's cookie cutter approach to wrestling. If it had not been for an ill-timed Mercer Inflection, Jon Moxley's 2019 could have been even better.

Matches: 81

Wins: 31 (38%)

Losses: 48 (59%)

Draws: 2 (3%)

Number of matches over 5*: 1

Highest rated match: vs Ishii at G1 29 Day 6 - 5*

PWI Rating: 20

Title Reigns

WWE Intercontinental Champion - 14 days

IWGP US Champion - 131 days

Total - 145 days



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