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Wrestler of the Year Candidate 6

Cody Rhodes

The other AEW wrestler on this list who has had a momentous year. Cody has transformed himself into this big-feel performer. Additionally, now many would have predicted Cody would be the most popular member of the AEW roster. The crowd reactions for Cody have been a major feature of the fledgling company.

Alongside some excellent in ring performances, Cody's promos in AEW have been a highlight of the whole show. Not many performers can build anticipation for a match with a live mic the way he can. Highlights for Cody this year, include a five star match with his brother and several viral moments of AEW Dynamite.

Possibly the most compelling babyface in the world of wrestling this year cannot be ignored in any wrestler of the year conversation.

Matches: 12

Wins: 6 (50%)

Losses: 4 (33%)

Draws: 2 (17%)

Number of matches over 5*: 1

Highest rated match: vs Dustin Rhodes at Double or Nothing - 5*

PWI Rating: 15

Title Reigns

IWGP US Championship - 4 days

Total - 4 days



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