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Wednesday Night Ratings - 20/08/2020

So, this one is a weird week. With no AEW on Wednesday we lose a lot of the talking points but have no fear, the Wednesday Night Ratings is here anyway! There will be a short AEW summary posted in the Weekly Leaderboards which will be postponed a day to keep up to date. So that's the schedule, expect much the same every time AEW or NXT moves over the coming weeks.

NXT ran unopposed for the first time since their second week and had what I'd describe as a disappointing week. 853,000 total viewers is a good number and their best since December, but it's still below what AEW can draw on a normal opposed week. The 0.24 in P18-49 is a similar story, their best number since February but still below what AEW did last week with competition. The rest of the demos are a similar story, a high for NXT but not one of them beat AEW's number from last week, except P50+. They also drew a frankly abysmal 0.05 in F12-34, their second lowest number ever and again, this was a night with no wrestlign competition.

Raw was down this week but given that they had major sports competition and the DNC, not as down as many expected. They had their 4th worst P2+ number of all time with 1.64m (down 4.6%), and their tied third worst P18-49 with a 0.48 (actually up 2.1%). As a Go Home show for Summerslam these aren't wonderful numbers, but could've been a lot worse. And hey, next week we've got the THUNDERDOME which should help the ratings for at least a few weeks.

Smackdown was actually up and did well (considering) this week. They got 2,002,000 total viewers (up 2.4%), their best number in 7 weeks, and a 0.6 in P18-49 (up 20%), their best in 13 weeks. This is a pretty promising number and next week having the THUNDERDOME and being a go home show means it could be up even higher.

All the detailed ratings breakdowns and graphs are below, I hope you enjoy


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