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Top 3 In-ring Statistics | AEW Dynamite: Cincinnati | 11th October 2022.

AEW's return to Jon Moxley's hometown of Cincinnati was somewhat of a success with disastrous accident in Adam Page suffering a concussion. In this article we look at the top statistics from the three 1v1 championship matches.

1. Toni Storm's Heel-Adjacent Performance Elevates Shida

The headline statistic here should not be Toni Storm's Match Offence percentage as this is affected by Shida's higher cumulation of simple strikes. Toni Storm's Big Offence is the key stat. By using more impactful moves, Storm played the part of the more dominant performer and added a couple fouls and a generally heelish demeanour. Shida's higher strikes were part of her fiery babyface comebacks, alongside her 2 dives.

2. Chris Jericho Gives Castle Everything But the Win!

Again, Match Offence isn't the full story. Jericho's strikes give the impression of him having almost half the match's offence; however again the Big Offence number reflects the story more meaningfully; with Castle more than doubling Jericho. The grapples really shows Jericho's giving to Castle as he took a substantial number of high impact, and dominating in appearance, grapples. Castle cumulated nine grapples to Jericho's one.

3. Moxley's Rehabilitation of Hangman Page is Cut Short.

A disastrous end to what was developing into a fine match. The statistics show that Moxley was building Page as a threat to his championship in the ring in much the same manner as he had do so during their verbal exchanges. This is highlighted by the Strikedown numbers, Page amassing six whereas Moxley's only one was the move that cut the match short!

This was very much an episode of champions building up their opponents:

  • Jericho working to establish an upper midcard act in Tony Khan's Ring of Honor.

  • Storm working heel in a bit to reestablish a former champion as a frightening babyface threat.

  • Moxley selling for his opponent's striking power as he continued to support the younger worker as he comes back from an unfortunate situation.

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