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The Wednesday (?) Night Wars 28/08/2020

Hello and welcome to a slightly rushed version of the Wednesday Night Ratings as I've left this slightly late and I just lost a whole draft because Wix hadn't saved it.

AEW had a good week, nothing special but they were out of their timeslot and against competition from the RNC yet were 7.7% up in average viewers (755k to 813k) and 6.5% down in P18-49 (0.32 to 0.29). The others demos were flat or slightly down but there's nothing too concerning leading into their uncontested go-home show next week.

NXT had a similarly okay week though I'd argue slightly disappointing. They had no major competition with AEW moved and the NBA striking (Black Lives Matter btw) and were coming off of their TakeOver but were still down 3.4% in total viewers (853k to 824k) and were level at 0.24 in P18-49. The only other major note is that they were up 33% in 0.09 to 0.12.

Raw and Smackdown both had similarly good weeks for similar reasons. A combination of THE THUNDERDOME and Summerslam hype led them both to ratings over 2 million viewers. Smackdown drew 2.168m average viewers, their best since April and Raw drew 2.028m viewers, up 23.4% and their best since the post-Wrestlemania Raw. The P18-49 demo had a similarly successful night, Smackdown stayed at their recent high of 0.6, and Raw jumped 37.9% to a 0.67, their best since the post-Wrestlemania Raw as well.


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