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The AEW Landscape - January

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

AEW League Standings - End of January

The first month of AEW in 2020 has seen a change in fortunes for many wrestlers but none more so than Adam Page and Kenny Omega, both of whom sit atop the AEW standings. They are joined by Jon Moxley and Cody Rhodes, both continuing on from strong performances in 2019.

The other major contrast to 2019 is the start to 2020 from the Jurassic Express. One victory in 2019, as a team, has already been bettered with two this month. MJF and Jericho both started to piece together victories as January drew to a close.

Potential big time players, Fenix and Darby Allin, haven't had the start of a break out year that they would have hoped for. Both sit towards the bottom of the pile having suffered 2 and 3 losses respectively. PAC will also be hoping for a better progression to his 2020.

It is also poignant to point out the women's division doesn't have many representatively further up the standings. Another indictment of the lack of emphasis put on that division thus far in AEW.

AEW Individual Wrestler's Performance Statistics

The top strikers in AEW thus far, statistically are Daniels, Fenix and Guevara. Daniels' short and frenetic match against Guevara has rather skewed his statistics. Fenix's match against Janela was more noteworthy for strikes, however, it's Guevara who is leading the way. With such a strong strike rate after three matches Sammy Guevara is the top striker thus far.

Strikedown statistics are also skewed by short matches. Fenix and Cutler have decent single match scores however both are around only 10 minutes of action. Kip Sabian is the leader in terms of strikedowns in terms of those with decent ring time.

Most statistics are skewed my short ring times leading to strong rates of offence per hour. Dustin Rhodes has a decent grapple rate and ring time however in one match. It is PAC that leads the way when we exclude those that have only competed in one 1 vs 1 match up.

Fenix leads the way for dives very unsurprisingly.However out of those with more than one 1 vs 1 under their belts, it is Guevara who leads in terms of dives usage.

MJF leads for ratio of submission seconds per hour wrestled in his one 1 vs 1. PAC leads the way yet again considering those with a more substantial ring time.

Reversal rate: Fenix leads overall, Cody leads when filtering for notable ring time.

Overall Offence rate: MJF leads overall but has limited sample time. Guevara leads when filtering for notable ring time.

Total Offence Taken per hour wrestled: Jon Moxley leads this category when filtering for substantial ring time.

Statistically Significant Performance - January

1. Sammy Guevara - Chris Jericho's young prodigy has wrestled 26 minutes and leads in terms of striking, dives and total offence.

2. PAC - The frustrated Geordie has amassed 29 minutes of in ring wrestling in January and leads the rest of the pack in terms of grapples and submissions.

3. Jon Moxley - It is somewhat fitting that the man who has had to adsorb more offence than any other AEW wrestler in male 1 vs 1 matches is walking around with an eye patch! However it is also significant that he achieves this statistic as he established himself as number 1 contender for the AEW Championship.

**These statistics are compiled from all Male Singles - 1 vs 1 matches in AEW in 2020**

Performance statistics for Female Singles 1 vs 1 matches and Male Tag 2 vs 2 matches are being compiled and will be in the February edition.

January Highlights

Match of the Month: Adam Page and Kenny Omega vs SCU.

In-ring Performer of the Month: Sammy Guevara.

Story-teller of the Month: Adam Page.

Angle of the Month: Adam Page pulls away from The Elite.

Highlight of the Month: Page and Omega win the Tag Championships.

Power Rankings at the end of January

1. Chris Jericho - Still king of the mountain and able to use the Inner Circle to fend off all challengers. Facing his biggest threat so far as Jon Moxley refuses to relent.

2. Jon Moxley - Arguably could be number 1. Beaten down and injured but still going. It almost seems inevitable that, ultimately, Jericho won't be able to resist the tidal wave of determination that is Jon Moxley in AEW.

3. Kenny Omega - Currently a Tag Champion but is still doesn't feel like he and Page are a proper tag team despite this triumph. In terms of results, Omega is the MVP for January with an unblemished 4-0 record and a title win.

4. Adam Page - A disappointing 2019 for Page led to him leave the Elite. That has led to him winning three out of three in January and the Tag titles. His relationship with Kenny Omega is the thing to watch in February.

5. Riho - Still the AEW Women's Champion and has picked up two victories from two matches in January. She successfully defended against Kris Statlander in a controversial match that saw the Nightmare Collective get involved. She is under pressure from Nyla Rose as we head towards Revolution.

6. Nyla Rose - Steamrolling towards an AEW Championship match, the Native Beast has a huge opportunity to build her influence in the company.

7. MJF - The Fastest Rising Star in professional wrestling is a wanted man but has still managed to win in his two performances so far in 2020. Flanked by Wardlow and the Butcher and the Blade, MJF is a powerful force in AEW and 2020 could see him achieve big things.

8. Cody - 3-0 in 2020 and still possibly the most popular individual in the company. Cody is gunning for MJF and will command a marquee spot at Revolution if he can jump through MJF's hoops.

9. Sammy Guevara - 2-1 in 2020 and statistically significant in the ring. The 'Spanish God' is one to watch!

10. Kip Sabian - Also 2-1 in 2020 and again statistically significant in the ring. The result of his up-coming clash with Joey Janela will determine his standing at the end of February.

11. PAC - A heavy loss at the end of the month has harmed PAC however he was one victory away from a title shot.

12. Gunn Club - the only tag team out with Page and Omega to win more than 1 tag match in 2020.

13. Young Bucks - So very close to earning that championship opportunity. A huge win last week on Dynamite. Could be about to put themselves in pole position to challenge Page and Omega!

14. Santana and Ortiz - 2-1 in January. This high in the rankings due to the power of the Inner Circle.

15. The Nightmare Collective - Centre piece, Awesome Kong is 1-0 and statisticallya threat to Riho.

16. Britt Baker - 2-1 in 2020 in an uncompetitive division.

17. SCU - A heavy, heavy loss sees SCU drop like a stone.

18. The Dark Order - Yet to make much of a mark in 2020. There is strength in numbers, however.

19. Big Swole - Decent start to 2020.

20. Hikaru Shida - Treading water but still notable.


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