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Tag Team Show-stealers are Back! | AEW Dynamite In-ring Stats | Chicago: 01.09.21

In-ring Statistics - AEW Dynamite: Chicago September 1st

September 1st's episode of AEW Dynamite from Chicago, Illinois was the go-home episode of Dynamite before All Out, also emanating from Chicago. This episode was opened by a familiar and offence-rich style of tag opener and ended with a star-studded, Bucks-led multi-man banger with moving parts galore.

Proud and Powerful vs FTR

Just look at those Santana and Ortiz numbers! These are a throwback to the Young Bucks led offence-rich tag team matches from 2020 and early 2021 when they were working babyface. To emphasise the sheer numbers of these; a half-century of strikes, over a third of these are strikedowns with this total being near-20, their grapples easily into double-figures and dives creeping towards double figures.

The stark contrast between these two teams is quite something. Absolute zero dives from FTR but almost a whole minute of submission. FTR were able to turn the tide with the second man stepping in or with fouls so their reversals total was somehow less than half that of Proud and Powerful. Then there's the tag metrics; only one double team from FTR but 4 from PnP, but FTR made use of 2 tag blocks whereas PnP used none.

My read on this Flow of Offence is that FTR are attempting to control the Big Offence of their opponents. Out with Kayfabe, FTR are being the foundation for their babyface challengers to shine. The differences between the teams are stark once again. FTR get a little to a moderate amount in almost ever minute of the match, whereas PnP generally get a little or a lot in in each minute.

Orange Cassidy vs Jack Evans

Brian Cage vs Powerhous Hobbs

Tay Conti vs Penelope Ford

Jurassic Express/Lucha Bros vs The Elite


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