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Strength of Wins and Full In-ring Statistics from AEW Revolution | Top 4 Matches Analysed.

Hello and welcome to a very late and a very quick presentation of some stats from AEW Revolution. In this article you will find all the statistics from the four most critically best received matches from AEW Revolution:

- MJF vs Bryan Danielson

- Adam Page vs Jon Moxley

- The Elite vs House of Black

- Jungle Boy vs Christian Cage

The above chart shows the strength of booking via contrasting wrestler's result with the balance of total offence in their matches.

You will note that The Elite and Christian Cage gave their opponents both a slight total offence rub in their matches as well as the actual result. Whereas, Moxley and Danielson had the offence edge as they lost to their opponents in order to exaggerate the scale of their opponent's achievement.

Here are the matches In-ring Statistics from each of the four matches:

The next four images are the numbers above multiplied to a per hour rate for comparability:


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