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Punk and MJF Go 38m | AEW Dynamite In-ring Statistics | February 2nd.

MJF and CM Punk's long running feud came to a head in Punk's hometown of Chicago. It has become a joke over the last few years, how WWE chooses to bury hometown talent, choosing diminishing heat over utilising a swell of support. AEW has gone in the opposite direction, especially since the return of crowds. Therefore making this aberration all the more poignant.

In-ring Statistics notes:

- Punk almost hits 100 strikes on MJF, compared to MJF's 27. CM Punk's strike rate was 3.5x that of MJF.

- Punk also out did MJF in terms of grapples, dives and strikedowns.

- MJF's use of submissions shines through as his major tactic. Alternatively, it's his main way of developing heat with the Punk-partisan crowd.

- MJF's pin attempts communicate's the characters desperation to get out with the win.

- MJF's foul use is noteworthy but the large number probably doesn't come with too much surprise.

Flow of Offence notes:

- Punk's offensive advantage is really emphasised by the Cumulative Flow of Offence graphic.

- In defeat, Punk achieved the three biggest offensive minutes of the match.

- The flow of the action really decreases as the match goes on, particularly after the huge 17th minute spike.

Comparison for Context notes:

- MJF's use of strikes is unusually low, dwarfed by other competitors.

- MJF and Punk used a comparatively high rate of grapples.

- Punk's dive rate really emphasises his hometown exuberance.

- This match's reversal rate was significantly down compared to the other matches used for comparison.

- MJF's foul rate is peerless in this company pictured above.

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