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Omega vs Ospreay 2 | In-ring Statistics | AEWxNJPW Forbidden Door 2023

What a match! To nobody's surprise two of the best wrestlers of all time put on one of the best matches of all time as Will Ospreay and Kenny Omega put on a sequel to their Wrestle Kingdom 17 masterpiece that delivered whilst having an identity of its own.

Personally, I was the low guy on their Wrestle Kingdom match. I didn't connect with Omega's very deliberate pace and found the match less satisfying than those claiming it the best match they've seen. Almost seven months later and I consider their second effort, from AEWxNJPW Forbidden Door 2023, one of six matches I'd give 5 stars.

Below you will find all the numbers behind the match that currently sits 42nd in the all-time Cagematch rankings.

- Omega was offensively out done by Ospreay in all attacking metrics with the exception of grapples.

- Ospreay also smothered Omega with pins, antagonised him (and the crowd) with taunts and bent the rules wherever possible to ensure his advantage,

- Ospreay achieved 3 of the 4 most dominant offensive minutes.

- Omega managed to completely incapacitate Ospreay for 5 whole minutes right in the middle of the match.

- This chart shows the strength of Omega's mid-match aggression.

- Ospreay had four 3 minute chunks where his advantage over Ospreay was notable compared to only really about two for Omega.

- The cumulative chart shows the importance of Omega's mid-match attack to stop Ospreay completely wiping the floor with him.

- Omega's advantages in this match were sporadic apart from that dominant portion in the middle.

- Ospreay's 12 out of 14 minutes of advantage immediately before Omega's period of dominance is substantial.

- Check out how the different views of the flow of offence data relate to each other.

- This image shows how the overall match flowed. Where it ebbed and where it flowed.

- Omega's strikes and dives were down whereas his grapples and submission use was up.

- Ospreay's strikes and dives were also less prevalent second time out and similarly used more grapples and submission.

- More reversals were used a Forbidden Door but less pins and taunts.

- Kenny Omega had an even more dominant portion of the match this time out, despite the visceral nature of his dominance at WK17.

- Forbidden Door saw a more seesaw type match compared to Wrestle Kingdom.s match that saw a more consistent use of offence by Omega.

- The pattern of who held the advantage; minute-by-minute, was surprisingly similar between the two matches.

- Forbidden Door had a significantly more offence plentiful crescendo.

- The Forbidden Door match had a more frantic pace of offence and tide changes. It also saw more big offence.

Thank you for checking out this article. Check back tomorrow for a quicker look at CM Punk vs Satoshi Kojima.


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