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Okada vs Danielson | In-ring Statistics | AEWxNJPW Forbidden Door

Presented as the battle of the best in the world but on the night the best performance by a pair of wrestlers came in a different match. Nevertheless, below you will find the In-ring Statistics from Bryan Danielson vs Kazuchika Okada from AEWxNJPW Forbidden Door 2023.

Okada and Danielson's ill-fated match that saw Danielson's arm break and the two men perform in an energy sapped crowd; curtesy of Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay. It is currently the 146th best match of 2023 according to Cagematch and was the fourth best on the night.

Surely this aberration will be redone somewhere down the line... Perhaps in the Tokyo Dome? One of wrestling's true dream matches doesn't feel suited to that moniker as it played out last Sunday.

- Danielson completely outdid Okada in terms of strikes, dives and submission.

- Okada's offensive advantages was heavy grapples and strikedowns.

- Danielson was able to rely on reversals while taking liberties in terms of fouls and taunts.

- Danielson almost doubled Okada's total offence share; 64% to 36%.

- The ebbs and flows of the offence above doesn't give away Okada's struggles, although he achieves no offence in 9 minutes compared to Danielson's 6.

- Both men achieve offensive minutes with a value of 15 or more twice.

- Danielson's advantage is highlighted more by the 3 minute chunks. He peaks and throughs more than Okada's more consistent work though.

- Although Danielson had some minutes with the ascendency, Danielson was never really behind throughout the almost half hour match.

- Okada did have more minutes of the match with a slight advantage.

- However Danielson's advantages were stronger when he had them.

- In the above image you can see how the four views of the match are the same data but just displayed slightly differently.

- Here are the peaks and throughs of the total in-ring action. Only one major lull.

- Okada's pace vs Danielson compared with three other recent Okada matches.

- His pace of strikes was up vs Danielson but almost everything else was down. This was a more passive Okada performance.

- Same as above but three recent Danielson matches.

- Danielson's submission reliance due to his arm injury is notable.

- His strikedown and dive rates were also notable.

Check back in tomorrow for similar coverage of Kenny Omega vs Will Ospreay!


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