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Moxley, Jericho and The Acclaimed Win from Underneath | AEW Grand Slam | In-ring Statistics Dynamite

AEW's massive show from New York, AEW Grand Slam, was criticised for having three weapons-based screwy finishes in a row. However it also used the same way of structuring a match three times as well.

Jon Moxley, Chris Jericho and The Acclaimed all won their new championships by taking more punishment from their opponents than they dished out before winning in the end. Only Pac won while dominating his opponent and he was up against a wrestler whose gimmick is to be lazy!

The graph below shows the extent to which each wrestler either dominated their opponent or vice versa:

So it's very obvious when a wrestler hits their opponent low or with a hammer to win. But does winning from underneath, after absorbing huge amounts of offence offence register with viewers?

The most extreme version of this was Danielson losing to Moxley whilst almost doubling Moxley's offence:

You'll find in-ring statistics for the other matches mentioned above here:

See how the matches discussed above look when lined up alongside each other:


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