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As Revolution draws ever closer, we’ve entered into the portion of AEW programming where they announce match after match after match for the big event. It certainly makes for an exciting PPV, but at times it can mess with the flow of Dynamite. That is not to say we aren’t getting quality wrestling programs because we certainly are. It is to say sometimes it becomes difficult to do rankings like these with angles happening at such a breakneck pace. But who am I to complain?! Let’s see how the rankings set up this week.


Omega spent relatively little time on screen this week with only two segments devoted to the upcoming exploding barbed wire death match. But every week Omega convinces me more and more he may be the greatest that ever lived. The way he did that this week is by not competing. Yes while the main event match between Rey Fenix and Lance Archer was enjoyable, it didn’t touch the level of Omega’s match with the sensational luchador a few weeks ago. Omega pulls out 5 star classics in his sleep and he reminds us of that fact every week one way or another.


Jon Moxley will be shouldering the responsibility of making this insane match with Omega memorable. From a kayfabe perspective, either man can certainly win and, if anything, Mox has the advantage. But outside the realms of the fabe, it seems very unlikely that Omega will drop the title. Between the unbelievable blending of wrestling companies across the world that Omega helped to create and the fact Moxley is expecting his first child, the result of this match seems fairly certain. But Mox did what he does best this week: convince us all that he really has a chance. While I still very much believe Omega will win, Mox put some doubt in my mind and that’s all he needs to do.


Fenix took it easy this week. He only tried to kill himself three times during his match with Lance Archer. The two dialed up an incredibly exciting bout with a very unexpected ending. With Penta set to return at Revolution in the ladder match and PAC still kicking around being one of the best wrestlers on the planet, all three members of Death Triangle are earning their keep right now.

4) FTR

They have done the unthinkable; FTR has made me care about a match featuring a man who hasn’t wrestled in 30 years. For all the talk about how great FTR is in the ring and how refreshing their style is, Cash and Dax never get enough respect for the great promo guys they are. What they show me every week is whether they’re wrestling singles, tag or cutting promos, they’re elite in every sense of the word.


While FTR somehow made me care much more about a match featuring a man in his 60s, the Young Bucks did everything they could to make me care less about a match featuring two of the best heels in the world. It’s unfair to the Bucks because they’re better than they look, but something about the particular storylines the two are involved in expose all of their weaknesses all at once. Unfortunately, I’m not confident the Bucks by themselves will be able to increase the heat in their tag team title match at Revolution, they’ll need some help…

6) MJF

The young superstar has no doubt learned from Chris Jericho when it comes to the subtle art of being completely dislikeable but also hilarious. The two do it so well. I’ve never laughed so hard while watching an old man getting beat up and MJF is a big part of that. If anyone can make the title match at Revolution more interesting it’s MJF.


The Inner Circle are victims of their own excellence. For over a year they’ve perfected faction storytelling. Now week in week out they build on those stories but it’s hard not to feel some level of monotony. They do it so well that excellence is now the expectation. It’s not fair. But as a fan watching it’s hard to deny the Inner Circle needs something to really shake things up. Maybe Sammy Guevara will be that…


Watching Allin descend from the rafters with his skateboard was amazing. It was the most fun part of the show for sure. Allin is the embodiment of cool, but he acts in such a way that is so enjoyable to watch. Much like FTR did with Tully Blanchard, the work of Allin and Team Taz are making me irrationally excited for a match involving 61 year old Sting.


I was absolutely shocked Baker took a loss in the tournament. I was certain the tournament was designed to shuttle the belt onto the good doctor. But I actually really like the decision. Ultimately, a tournament needs to have the best pure wrestler win. Baker is the best character. Let her challenge for the belt when we can have a lot of time for the promos and segments she excels at.


With Baker out, Rosa now becomes a favorite to win the tournament. Like I said, a tournament is about crowning the best wrestler. There’s a real argument that Thunder Rosa is the best pure wrestler in the company and should be the one to unseat Shida and end this dreadfully boring championship reign. It would mean an immediate championship feud between Rosa and Baker, two women who have been feuding for months, and it would be the first truly enjoyable feud in the AEW women’s division since Shida and Nyla Rose.


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