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Match Stats - Young Bucks vs Proud and Powerful

Bullet Point Bulletin

- This was a very tight match, less than 1.8% between the 2 teams in terms of total offence.

- The Young Bucks used the stipulation to hit big moves with weapons adding extra damage.

- PnP used the stipulation to mercilessly pound the Bucks with an assortment of weapons.

- PnP almost tripled the Young Bucks use of foreign objects.

- The Bucks, however more than doubled PnP's use of normally legal offence.

- This match wasn't a back and forth affair, both teams were able to apply periods of damage to their opponents.

- There were some devastating spells of attack as you can see from the flow of offence graph.

- This was also apparent due to the enormous 8.1offensive moves per minute!

- The teams were evenly matched as previously noted, this is reiterated by the parity of the amount of time they were able to control their opponents.

- The periodising of offence graph shows the almost mathematical way the Young Bucks grew into this match.


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