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Match Stats - WWE NXT, 04.12.19 - Bullet Point Bulletin

Ciampa, Keith Lee and Dijakovic vs Undisputed Era

- This match was on the shorter side but was action packed.

- The offence was exactly 50-50, a PWM stats first. Each team hitting 71 manoeuvres.

- Ciampa, Lee and Dijakovic were hard hitting with grapples and strikedowns.

- Undisputed Era maximised strikes and added in submission.

- Undisputed Era made better use of the tag rules. They doubled their opposition's total.

- Undisputed Era's teamwork shone through as they made use of double teams unlike Ciampa et al.

- The action was thick and fast here with this match's pace coming in at a frantic 11.8 moves a minute.

- There were generally 2.8 changes per minute allowing for periods of dominance from each team.

- However the match was still evenly matches with almost 7 of the 12 minutes being neutral or back and forth.

- The flow of offence graph shows us that Ciampa, Lee and Dijakovic had several flurries of offence

- Whereas Undisputed Era only had one significant spell of control, albeit the biggest of the match.


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