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Lariate’s TV Ratings | November 28 th to December 2nd.

RAW looks to stabilize against the NFL, AEW falls and has to look to get back up, Smackdown on excursion on FS1.

RAW Ratings (28th November) :

  • Ratings : 1 668 000 (+1,34 %) & 0.40 sur les 18-49 [-0.01]

  • Ratings per hour :

    • H1 : [P2+ : 1 951 000] [18-49 : 0.46] [Cable Pos : 6]

    • H2 : [P2+ : 1 619 000] [18-49 : 0.39] [Cable Pos : 7]

    • H3 : [P2+ : 1 433 000] [18-49 : 0.36] [Cable Pos : 8]

This increase in audience is to be found on the side of the first hour of the show where the second and third hour are down compared to last week for this episode which follows the PLE of Survivor Series. No significant effect on the numbers where you have to get a lot out to gain audience share against the NFL. RAW seems to be holding its own and is in the same range as the previous year, but watch out for the Play-offs.

As for the NFL, the game of the day attracted 10,882,000 viewers with a 3.18 in the 18-49 demographic. Still the cable leader by a long, long way. Some shows have to wait impatiently for the end of the regular season and the Super Bowl.

Ratings NXT (29th November) :

  • Ratings : 644 000 (+3,21 %) & 0.13 sur les 18-49 [+0.01]

  • Cable Pos : 35th.

After falling from "high" last week, NXT is catching up to the branches this week and trying to regain on the 18-49 demographic with Deadl1ne approaching. It should be noted that only the demographics have been heavily impacted where the P2+ audience is only slightly down. Nevertheless, the P2 drop is starting to take shape over several weeks.

The usual competition on TV: The Voice on NBC (6,792,000 & 0.67), Rudolph on CBS (4,165,000 & 0.66), or the NBA on TNT (1,506,000 & 0.47).

Ratings AEW Dynamite (30th November) :

  • Ratings : 870 000 (-1,14 %) & 0.26 sur les 18-49 [-0.06]

  • Cable Pos : 5th.

Even though AEW Dynamite moves up from 6th to 5th place this week, it is important to look at the demographics which is a low score for the company on its usual time slot. A small warning sign that may raise questions. Some may say that this is just a bad week with the holidays approaching, others may see (perhaps) signs that CM Punk was indeed a draw for the company.

Tony Khan and his company will have to ask themselves the right questions and maybe go back to a more traditional format that made Dynamite's first two years so successful.

This week, Dynamite had to face Basketball College on ESPN which did 1,268,000 & 0.47.

Ratings Smackdown (2nd December) :

  • Ratings : 902 000 (-58,36 %) & 0.25 sur les 18-49 [-0.29]

Like every year, Smackdown is on for the second time this year because of college soccer. Not much analysis to draw from this week, we'll have to wait until next week for more detailed analysis.

Ratings AEW Rampage (2nd December) :

  • Ratings : 361 000 (-12,17 %) & 0.08 sur les 18-49 [-0.03]

  • Cable Pos : 60th.

As with Dynamite, Rampage recorded record lows for its 18-49 demographic and sank to 60th place on cable. A complicated week for AEW that leaves me personally with many questions. Tony Khan and his team will have to react quickly and bounce back. It is not yet time for drama, but these are signs that must be alerted in order to start a new positive dynamic.

The company has all the cards to rebuild momentum and move forward. They have shown us that in the past and still have a great roster. It's up to them now.

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