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Lariate’s TV Ratings | December 5 th to December 11th.

RAW is looking to hold its own, the overall decline in TV is seen in AEW, Smackdown and Rampage are coming back to life.

RAW Ratings (05th December) :

  • Ratings : 1 536 000 (-7,91 %) & 0.41 sur les 18-49 [+0.01]

  • Ratings per hour :

    • H1 : [P2+ : 1 748 000] [18-49 : 0.44] [Cable Pos : 6]

    • H2 : [P2+ : 1 596 000] [18-49 : 0.44] [Cable Pos : 5]

    • H3 : [P2+ : 1 263 000] [18-49 : 0.35] [Cable Pos : 9]

Despite a slight increase in the 18-49 demographic (+0.01) to remain in the average of the previous year, the overall audience fell more sharply, particularly because of a third hour that sank to 1,263,000 viewers (compared to over 1,400,000 last week). RAW has not been able to capitalize on its 3rd hour which regularly brings down the average of the show. Despite this, and even if we could have expected a little better this year with the upheavals that have taken place, the 3rd hour of RAW remains in the top 10 on cable which will reassure USA Network.

As you know by now, the audience is centered around the NFL game on Monday nights and this week was no exception. The game drew an audience of 10,131,000 with a 2.72 in the 18-49 demographic.

Ratings NXT (06th December) :

  • Ratings : 534 000 (-14,42 %) & 0.13 sur les 18-49 [+0.01]

  • Cable Pos : 36th.

While NXT is trying to fill the gap following the heavy loss on the 18-49 demographic last week by regaining +0.01 points this week, it is on the side of the overall audience that it sinks this week by losing almost 15% of audience against a competition that does not change the ordinary. It is then necessary to question the reasons for WWE to understand what put a stop to the rather positive dynamics of these last months. To remedy this, WWE seems to be banking once again on adding main roster talent to this "developmental branch". With Deadline this weekend, we'll have to see if the results trigger a more or less important rebound in the numbers or not at all.

In terms of competition, still the NBA on TNT (1,371,000 & 0.46) as well as The Voice on NBC (6,479,000 & 0.61).

Ratings AEW Dynamite (07th December) :

  • Ratings : 840 000 (-3,45 %) & 0.29 sur les 18-49 [+0.03]

  • Cable Pos : 3rd.

Although the demographics are up a bit this week (+0.03), Dynamite's numbers continue to question the audience standards that AEW is known for. Dynamite's dynamics are not very positive at the moment, as proven by the fact that it remains below 0.30 in the 18-49 demographic.

Nevertheless, Dynamite remains 3rd on cable, just behind the two NBA games, which shows once again the ills and the steady decline of American TV to the benefit of SVOD platforms. The overall TV climate is not at its best with each year's 10-15% losses in overall cable viewership. This is also an element to take into account. Dynamite, which is certainly losing viewers, must also look for internal causes for these results, but it should also be noted that AEW is maintaining its overall position on cable.

The NBA game against AEW Dynamite recorded 1,018,000 viewers with a 0.29 in the 18-49 demographic. Also of note were the programs on the Nationals: Survivor on CBS (5,341,000 & 0.71) and Chicago Med on NBC (6,642,000 & 0.62).

Ratings Smackdown (09th December) :

  • Ratings : 2 306 000 (+155,65 %) & 0.57 sur les 18-49 [+0.32]

Smackdown is back on FOX after its stop on FS1 and records its best audience since the September 23 episode. A very good result considering the fact that Roman Reigns was not present on the show. We can also say that many people didn't watch the episode on FS1, they didn't want to miss 2 weeks of the show. Anyway, the blue show is starting a positive dynamic since a few weeks while SD had more difficulty to take off since the arrival of Paul Levesque.

Smackdown remains the number one program on all TV this Friday. The NBA head-to-head game that aired on ESPN did 1,376,000 with a 0.43 in 18-49.

Ratings AEW Rampage (09th December) :

  • Ratings : 457 000 (+26,29 %) & 0.11 sur les 18-49 [+0.03]

  • Cable Pos : 20th.

After last week's scare and numbers that weren't good at all, Rampage is back on track and seems to indicate that it was a week apart. The show even goes from 60th to 20th place on cable to put it even more in perspective. Even if we go back to the context of US TV that I was able to explain when talking about Dynamite, the signals are still not all green for Rampage and I hope that the company will manage to restore interest in the Friday show because even if the time slot is not very practical (especially after a 2 hour wrestling show), the 60 minute format has great assets and I still believe that AEW can hope for a lot better from the episodes of Rampage if they give themselves the means.

The show again faced an NBA game on ESPN (1,504,000 & 0.55).

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