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Lariate’s TV Ratings | April 3rd to April 9th

WWE surfs on TV after Wrestlemania, AEW regains strength A great week for wrestling.

RAW Ratings (03rd April) :

  • Ratings : 2 260 000 (+22,63 %) & 0.76 sur les 18-49 [+0.20]

  • Ratings per hour :

    • H1 : [P2+ : 2 471 000] [18-49 : 0.85] [Cable Pos : 1]

    • H2 : [P2+ : 2 255 000] [18-49 : 0.76] [Cable Pos : 2]

    • H3 : [P2+ : 2 054 000] [18-49 : 0.68] [Cable Pos : 3]

The RAW after WrestleMania is always a highly anticipated episode since it is usually the episode that attracts the most viewers of the year. This year doesn't change that, solid cable leader by far, the red show records a very good score and especially a 0.76 on the 18-49 demographic that exceeded many expectations. I was expecting a big score on the demo, but not that big.

An episode also marked by the return (for a night?) of Vince McMahon to booking. The returns of the show are really bad, we'll have to see the following week what it is for the ratings and if it left any traces.

Ratings NXT (04th April) :

  • Ratings : 555 000 (-10,48 %) & 0.13 sur les 18-49 [-0.02]

  • Cable Pos : 42th.

An episode that took place in a very strong political context with the Donald Trump affair that night monopolizing the ratings. Although this show follows Stand & Deliver which was held outside of WcW, it is impossible to draw any conclusions from it given the context of the evening...

Ratings AEW Dynamite (05th April) :

  • Ratings : 877 000 (+5,28 %) & 0.30 sur les 18-49 [+0.02]

  • Cable Pos : 6th.

Dynamite started April worse than last year but is back to its usual averages of the past few months. The reality show Vanderpump Rules remains now at the 3rd place of the cable (in place of Dynamite), this reality TV records solid scores with a 0.46 on the 18-49.

Also noteworthy is the presence of a very nice NBA game that night as the playoffs approach. Even if the game of the evening was not in direct competition with Dynamite, it remains the most watched program of the evening among the 18-49 (1 660 000 & 0.68).

Ratings Smackdown (07th April) :

  • Ratings : 2 468 000 (-0,64 %) & 0.69 sur les 18-49 [+/-0.00]

The post-WrestleMania Smackdown consolidates its position as TV leader and records another very good score, even if it is one of the most awaited episodes of the year. Let's add to that that Paul "Triple H" Levesque announced that he would make an announcement. A very good result for the blue show, supported once again by the bloodline, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens and Cody Rhodes who is a real star according to the WWE indicators.

Ratings AEW Rampage (07th April) :

  • Ratings : 503 000 (+47,94 %) & 0.17 sur les 18-49 [+0.07]

  • Cable Pos : 6th.

Very good score for Rampage which has never been so well placed on cable in 2023 (even if the episode of March 17 did a 0.18 on the 18-49). An episode that worked with an interesting card and no stronger or weaker competition than usual. Rampage has strengths to offer, even in this spot. Let's hope the ratings stop yo-yoing and stabilize at this level, which would be great news for AEW.

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