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Kenny Omega vs Dragon Lee - AAA Mega Championship

AAA Triplemania Regia 2019

Kenny Omega enjoyed himself in Mexico City playing up his heel role to the crowd! As a dominant heel, he did not take to the sky and played the dominant big man role against his smaller opponent.

His ferocious strikes and imperviousness to his opponent's offence coupled with the always devastating One Winged Angel carried him to his ultimate victory.

Omega took the lion's share of the offence however Dragon Lee had large flurries of offence throughout the match. Often taking to the skies to fell his dominant opponent.

Omega's performance was punctuated by some rather large peaks of offence where he devastated his foe.

It was a dominant display from Omega however he was dominant by winning a large quantity of skirmishes but was rarely able to keep Dragon Lee down for very long.

This match saw each man reverse and reverse again.

The majority of the match was categorised by back and forth offence with Omega usually coming out on top momentarily.

Dragon Lee's performance was consistent throughout the match. It saw a slight decline in the offence he was able to direct at Omega but not a significant one.

Kenny Omega, on the other-hand, was more erratic. He started slow, built momentum but then took a dip before exploding into action once again. A flurry of V-Triggers making a big difference, once again.

This match was highly entertaining due to it's back and forth nature, the heel-charisma of Kenny Omega and some high risk moves from Dragon Lee.

4.2 moves per minute is slightly higher than usual with the tide changes per minute being notable as well. Kenny Omega's run in AAA has been entertaining and quite unexpected. An alternate universe where he can role-play being The Cleaner once again, separate from his AEW storyline and character arc.


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