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Jon Moxley vs Darby Allin - Match Statistics and Analysis

This match was for the AEW World Championship and main-evented AEW Dynamite on the 5th of August 2020. Going into this match Darby Allin was ranked #5 int he AEW rankings with a 2020 record of 7-4 in male singles matches. The champion, Jon Moxley, went into this match with a 2020 record of 14-0 in male singles matches.

  • Moxley was heavy handed here, striking down Allin 57% of the time.

  • Darby Allin who on average uses 134 seconds of submission per hour of wrestling, this would average out at 32.4 seconds for a 14:31 match, didn't utilise a single hold.

  • Moxley had use of the power advantage via grapples and strikedowns, Darby hit fast, strikes and dives.

  • Darby Allin grew into the match, as indicated by the trend line.

  • Moxley started strong but faded and had to finish strong to win.

  • Moxley really dipped in the 5-10 minute period as Allin made a comeback after suffering a 58s submission sequence. Allin hit 2 big dives here.

  • Moxley's early dominance was built off of 7 strikedowns.

  • MJF interjected himself just after the 10 minute mark.


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