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In-ring Statistics | Full Gear 2022

It has been a strange run for AEW from the bizarre weeks following All Out and CM Punk's implosion. AEW have struggled without four of their biggest stars and the dark cloud that has hung over the promotion due to the lack of transparency around the investigation that followed. At the same time, it could be suggested that the promotion has performed adequately despite missing such influential figures.

Full Gear saw the eventual return of The Elite and the crowning of two new World Champions; MJF and Jamie Hayter. It felt like a palate cleanser, and the fans have reacted favourably to the show. The show is currently trending at 8.6 out of 10 on Cagematch, which makes it the 3rd best show of the year, out of AEW's five, and the 9th best out of AEW's total of 16 PPVs.

In this article we are going to be looking at how the wrestlers involved in Full Gear performed in the ring. First we have a chart highlighting the pace at which wrestlers worked in their matches. Below you will find a selection of wrestlers and teams from Full Gear and their total offences from the event, plotted against their matches' total time. Thus showing which wrestlers wrestled a more frantic pace and who wrestled more steadily.

You'll notice that The Acclaimed wrestled the most frenetic pace with Moxley also being notable. The Elite also packed a lot into their trios match, just pipping Jungle Boy who also hit a lot against Luchasaurus in a similarly lengthened match.

Nyla Rose and Jade Cargill's match was considerably less action packed than the other matches traced on the graph above. Baker and Saraya also paced their match in a more considered fashion.

The next piece on analysis looks at how much offence each wrestler performed in the match, hitting their opponent successfully, and how much they 'took' from their opponent. 'Offence For' is the offence they 'hit' on their opponent and 'Offence Against' is the offence they 'took' from their opponent.

Offence For - Offence Against = Offence Difference.

The above chart shows how strongly each wrestler was presented in their match in purely numerical terms. How much offence did they get on their opponent and how much were they hit with. A positive 'Offence Difference' meant they got more offence and a negative means they took more offence.

Therefore The Acclaimed, Jon Moxley and Jack Perry were the strongest in terms of the presentation in ring in terms of Offence Difference. Interesting to note, out of the three only Moxley lost his match. On the flip side that means, Swerve in Our Glory, Luchasaurus and MJF were the weakest in terms of in-ring presentation according to Offence Difference.

There was significantly less differences between the other wrestlers with the only other notable Offence Difference being between Hayter and Storm.

However this metric can be somewhat flawed, sometimes a wrestler or an act gets a lot of simpler strikes or short submissions and their opponent gets to hit more significant big moves; 'Big Offence'. This happened most notably in SiOG vs The Acclaimed. Check out the nuances and differences between the matches in the detailed In-ring Statistics below:

Jon Moxley vs MJF

AEW World Championship

The Elite vs Death Triangle

Kenny Omega/Young Bucks vs Pac/Rey Fenix/Penta

Toni Storm vs Jamie Hayter

AEW Women's World Championship

The Acclaimed vs Swerve in Our Glory

AEW World Tag Team Championships

Bowens/Caster vs Swerve Strickland/Keith Lee

Saraya vs Britt Baker

Saraya's Return to the Ring

Nyla Rose vs Jade Cargill

TBS Championship

'Jungle Boy' Jack Perry vs Luchasaurus

Steel Cage Match

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