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In-ring Statistics from AEW Dynamite: Long Island | December 8th

Out with the terrific presentation of MJF in the first half hour of this show this was a spotty show. It had some great in-ring work but a crowd that was sporadic in it's appreciation of that wrestling. The storytelling and backstage story-telling was all over the place; from Cody's tunnel melodrama, to an unheard Kingston promo, from *another* poor women's match set up to Malakai Black spitting mist at a teenager.

Riho vs Jamie Hayter

Speed, reversals and pin traps versus power and submission expertise as Riho and Hayter clash in a marvellous clash of styles. Hayer controlled this one, including a 4 minute shut out before Riho caught fire at the end.

Jon Silver vs Bryan Danielson

Bryan Danielson is working more and more like Minoru Suzuki; strikes and submission until the door opens for a grapple and a submission or pin victory. Danielson does not go for pins until he is certain he has the win, as does Suzuki.

Chuckie T and Rocky Romero vs Young Bucks

Chaos' grapples and submissions fall to the Bucks' high impact strikedowns and dives, with a plethora or taunting and fouls for heat and any possible advantage.


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