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Grappl vs Cagematch | AEW's Top 10 Greatest Ever Matches | In-ring Statistics.

Hello and welcome to the next step in our Top 10 series!

This time it is a comparison of Grappl and Cagematch. Below you will find each platform's Top 10 AEW matches as rated by each platform's contributors.

You will notice that Adam Page and Kenny Omega vs the Young Bucks tops each list. Both lists favour the same top 6, but Grappl has the Young Bucks vs Lucha Bros match from All Out 2021 second, whereas Cagematch places it 4th.

Other differences occur in places 7-9. Grappl favours newer matches from 2022 in Yuta vs Moxley, and FTR vs Bucks. Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa's Lights Out match from 2021 is also included by Grappl.

Cagematch favours big match feel, 1v1 encounters. Page and Omega, and Pac and Omega's epic clashes are included as well as Suzuki and Danielson's strong style clash on AEW's special episode of Dark.

Wrestlers included multiple times by Grappl voters:

Young Bucks - 4

Adam Page - 3

Bryan Danielson - 3

Kenny Omega - 2

Lucha Bros - 2

Wrestlers included multiple times by Cagematch voters:

Adam Page - 4

Bryan Danielson - 4

Kenny Omega - 4

Young Bucks - 3

Lucha Bros - 2

Check out the full lists below:


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