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Garcia Throws 71 Strikes | In-ring Statistics | AEW Fight For the Fallen 2022.

On one of the best Dynamites in a while and even ever depending on who you ask, Danielson and Garcia threw 137 strikes between them, Rosa and Yamashita used 38 reversals and Moxley and Rush bent the rules 18 times.

Check out the full In-ring Statistics below:

Bryan Danielson vs Daniel Garcia

Cagematch Rating as of Thursday 28th July - 8.66 (172).

This is an upset inside the fictional world of AEW. The statistics don't capture the way Danielson was able to stop Garcia with a few well placed strikes however. They do capture Garcia's viciousness though.

Thunder Rosa vs Miyu Yamashita

Cagematch Rating as of Thursday 28th July - 5.62 (105).

This one did not click. The ace of Tokyo Joshi Pro versus the AEW World Champion, this should have been a slam dunk. People have blamed communication mishaps or the pace of the match. This match didn't utilise the joshi style of ferocious strikes and is reflected in the strike count above. Taunting and interacting with the crowd is also low.

Jon Moxley vs Rush

Cagematch Rating as of Thursday 28th July - 7.78 (131).

Almost four stars on Cagematch feels about right to me. A lot has been said of Rush's improved attitude since signing with AEW/ROH, and this was on full display here. He outdid Moxley in terms of striking in order to create the obstacle for the champ to overcome. This was built on the top of his foul numbers.


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