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G1 Stats Update - League Tables and In-ring Statistics.


But is it any good? Not a question that is usually as prominent at the beginning of G1 season but after the abomination that was Dominion 2020, it is a fair question. The answer? It's both!

Okada is still Money Clip Okada, as he was in the New Japan Cup. The two-night demi-God of Wrestle Kingdom is a distant memory and it barely seems plausible that happened this year. His highly anticipated rematch with Kota Ibushi came in at a disappointing 3.78. Where Will Ospreay managed to get a 3.08 match out of Yujiro Takahashi, Okada managed only a 2.4 match!

On the other hand we have been trated to 2 really good Tetsuya Naito matches as he shakes off the stink of EVIL, a 4.41 match against Tanahashi and a 4.1 vs Zack Sabre Jr. Jay White has returned like a breath of fresh air to supply heel performances where actual wrestling moves are used, his match against Shingo Takagi being my personal favourite so far.

(Grappl Ratings Correct as of 17:00, 26.09.20)

What is your opinion on the G1 Climax 30, thus far?

League Tables - Post Night 4

The first of two identical league tables in terms of the organisation of balancing wins and losses. Both league tables see 3 men going 100%, 4 men going 50% and 3 men flailing at the bottom with 0%.

Jay White, Will Ospreay and Taichi are the 3 men to hit 2 wins straight out of the blocks. Taichi being the obvious stronger than expected here, out of the three. Conversly; Takagi, Ishii and Yujiro are yet to pick up a win. Yujiro Takahashi is not a surprise however fans may well be disappointed to see the popular Shingo Takagi and Tomohiro Ishii winless even at this early stage. 50/50 booking thus far for Kota Ibushi, Minoru Suzuki, Kazuchika Okada and Jeff Cobb.

The top of B Block is a little more surprising than that of A Block. IWGP Champion, Tetsuya Naito, is up there to nobody's surprise, however the other 2 men win a 100% record after 2 matches thus far are! Toro Yano, has swindled his way to 2 victories and Juice Robinson has had a very strong return to New Japan.

Yoshi-Hashi is bottom to absolutely nobody's surprise. SANADA is a bit more of a surprise with many suggesting he will finally break out of the middle of the New Japan pack with a huge G1 win. However the aging Ace of the Universe is 0 and 2, Hiroshi Tanahashi, finds himself in Yoshi-Hashi country... Hirooki Goto is joined by the all caps trio of KENTA, EVIL and ZSJ with WWE booking thus far. That being 50% after 2 matches.

In-Ring Statistics

I am currently collating all the in-ring statistics from the G1. Sheets to display this are currently being developed. Here is one from @GarethElton you can use to compare any 2 G1 participants' G1 statistics. Example:


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