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G1 Blocks Tables and Contenders Permutations - Post Night 14.

70 matches into the G1s 91 match marathon as we hit the finishing stretch. Which wrestlers are coming around the final bend with the most momentum? Let's take a look...

Block League Standings

It looks like any man out of the top 4 however head to head records mean it's more complicated than that. The men with the most in their favour are Jay White and Kota Ibushi.

Jay White holds wins over Kota Ibushi and Kazuchika Okada. Whereas Kota Ibushi has wins over Kazuchika Okada and Will Ospreay. Neither man has another match against any of the other men that have any mathematical possibility of winning. That's what makes Ospreay and Okada have a chance.

Will Ospreay has defeated Jay White in his tournament so far and has a match to come against Okada. On the other hand, Okada is yet to pick up a win against any of his other front-running competition. He does however have that match against Ospreay on the final night yet to come.

So in conclusion:

- Ibushi defeated Ospreay and Okada but lost to White. Therefore Ibushi wins if he wins his last 2 and White slips up.

- White defeated Okada and Ibushi but lost to Ospreay. This means White wins if he wins both and Ospreay slips up.

- Ospreay defeated White has a match against Okada and lost to Ibushi. Meaning 2 wins and a Ibushi slip up would secure things for Ospreay.

- Okada has a match against Ospreay but lost to White and Ibushi. The biggest ask in terms of permutations for an Okada block win. He needs both White and Ibushi to slip with two wins of his own.

A different situation completely in B Block with two men in pole position and 3 chasers still in with a chance. Naito and EVIL sit atop the group with 10 points with ZSJ, Goto and SANADA one win behind on 8 points. The big thing to consider her is EVIL's win over Naito, meaning EVIL is guaranteed of victory with 2 more wins.

The chasing pack are depending on slip ups from above. ZSJ is still in the mix due to his victory over EVIL and Goto, however he lost to Naito and Sanada. He needs 2 losses from Naito and one from EVIL as well as 2 wins of his own.

Goto is only still in the race due to his win over SANADA and his upcoming fixture against EVIL. Two wins for him and two Naito losses plus one lose from ZSJ are a big ask. ZSJ on the other hand needs 2 Naito losses and 1 from EVIL. He also needs SANADA to lose to avoid losing out due to his loss to him.

In Conclusion:

- EVIL can win with 2 final wins due to his tie-breaker over Naito. If EVIL loses to SANADA or Goto he cannot win outright if that same wrestler wins both their fixtures.

- Naito can win with 2 wins and an EVIL loss. Or if he wins once as long as EVIL losses twice and SANADA doesn't win twice.

- SANADA can win if he wins both his matches including against Naito and EVIL losses at least once.

- ZSJ can win if he wins both, Naito losses both and EVIL losses once. He would also need SANADA to lose at least once. This would have to be to EVIL and not Naito.

- Goto can win if Naito losses twice and wins both his matches including against EVIL. He also needs ZSJ to drop a match as well to avoid the tie-breaker in ZSJ's favour.


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