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Full Year In-ring Statistics from AEW in 2022 | Every 1v1/2v2 Traditional Rules TV/PPV match.

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Hello and welcome to all the AEW stats you could ever want!

2021 was the second year I have compiled all traditional rules 1v1 and 2v2 matches that occurred on TV and PPV into one spreadsheet. Building this around traditional rules matches and discounting Dark means we are left with directly comparable numbers across the three main divisions.

So, let's cut to the chase... The document is available here:

This document has been available all year via the 2021 stats icon on the Home page; admittedly, it has been poorly maintained... Please, read on to fully understand the numbers!

The Raw Data

In this tab you will find every 1v1 and 2v2 match that took place in AEW in the years 2021 that was contested under traditional rules; non-stipulation matches. The function of this tab is to show you where the numbers come from.

Absolute Totals

This view simply totals all the incidences of a particular metric. Here we see how often a wrestler completed a strike, or a grapple, or a foul. It's interesting sue to the gravity or lack thereof the numbers but as a comparative tool, it's limited due to the different ring times. The example above shows which wrestlers have used the most strikes this year in traditional rules matches.

This tab is the same as above with it filtered to just women's wrestlers. This view has been sorted by reversals. It highlights Britt Baker as accumulating the most reversals, aided considerably by her total ring time.

Same again but filtered to men. This time sorted by grapples. Kenny Omega is the man who cumulated the most grapples despite being in the ring less than a couple other wrestlers.

And finally, the tag version. Fittingly sorted via tags. The Young Bucks only just edging FTR due to their superior ring time, but it does seem that if that was equal, FTR would have more tags. That's where the Time Adjusted version comes in...

Time Adjusted View

So this view is of all AEW's wrestlers that have wrested this year within the previously stated criteria but the numbers are 'per hour' rates. This means totals are multiplied by time to flatten them to get a per hour rate. This way we can see the rate at which wrestlers use each metric. Strikedowns are used here to show which wrestlers are using them with the quickest rate of occurrence in the ring.

However, the issue with this method is that wrestlers who have wrestled in shorter matches end up higher up the table due to the increase in selling that happens in longer matches.

Time Adjusted View, Wrestlers with 30m+

This version eliminates wrestlers who have less than 30 minutes total in-ring time in AEW matches in 2021, traditional rules 1v1/2v2. This is done for two reasons, to limit the issues with shorter matches as described previously and to tidy up the standings; removing less-interesting/relevant wrestlers.

There is a versions filtered for each division:



Men's Tag:

Over the next few days, I am planning on comparing the average men's, women's and men's tag matches as well as trying out ways of displaying the wrestlers styles with different tools!

Thank you for reading.


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