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FTR vs Bullet Club Gold 2/3 Falls | In-ring Statistics | AEW Collision 15th July

Just rated 5.25 stars by Dave Meltzer in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter and sitting at 9.42 with over 400 votes, Jay White and Juice Robinson's second clash with FTR is worth the hour of your time that it demands.

This match has the customary terrific FTR performance punctuated with bruising Cash Wheeler body blocks and fiery Dax Harwood-driven chop exchanges. But it also has a commendable Juice Robinson selling masterclass and Jay White's usual array of beautiful suplexes and slimy character work.

You will find FTR vs Bullet Club Gold In-ring Statistics below:

Here is this match's Flow of Offence, check out how each team was presented/presented themselves:

As above, but this time the offence used by each team is presented in three minute chunks to highlight how the match flowed more succinctly:

The cumulative version of the first flow of offence chart, showing how each team was presenting in piling offence onto their opponents:

This chart shows how each team was presented minute by minute again. However this viewpoint highlights which team utilised more offence each minute:

Now we look at how the performances in this match compare with those of FTR's last 2/3 Falls match. Per hour rates are used to flatten match time differences:

As above but this time we are comparing match layouts:

Comparing performances again but across three other big FTR matches:

Four big FTR matches match layouts compared:


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