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Face/Heel Stat Dynamics | In-ring Statistics from AEW Rampage: Atlanta | December 3rd.

Hello and welcome to Rampage In-ring Stats. This week's Rampage was structured differently to recent weeks with two longer matches sandwiching a Jade Cargill sub-1 minute squash. This Rampage was an improvement on last week's which got mixed reviews. However, this week's Dynamite got those reviews this week. Can AEW find the correct balance between hot-Dynamites and high quality Rampages based around worthwhile wrestling.

Sammy Guevara vs Tony Nese

This one is tight. Both men essentially matched each other for the impactful moves; strikedowns, grapples and dives. However their offensive foundations were opposing; Nese opting for grinding submission whereas Guevara utilised volumes of simple strikes to overwhelm his opponent into giving opportunities.

Jade Cargill vs Janai Kai

Penta El Zero/Pac vs FTR

FTR leant heavily on fouls here as they only managed to achieve a submission advantage over Death Triangle in terms of offensive metrics. However they did also utilise all three tag metrics more than their opponents. Pac and Penta dwarfed their opponents offence by at least double in 4/5 of the offensive metrics.


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