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Dynamite Stats - AEW Dynamite 26th June - Feat. Kenny Omega/Jungle Boy

Welcome to Dynamite Stats, in-ring statistics for the June 26th edition of AEW Dynamite. This show was of course headlines by Kenny Omega versus Jungle Boy.

Jungle Boy vs Kenny Omega - AEW World Championship

- Omega with a slight total offence edge, Jungle Boy utilised more impactful offence.

- Omega with the big Grapple edge but Jungle Boy dominates the Dives category.

- Omega was far more keen to end the contest via pin fall whereas Jungle Boy went for Submission.

- Omega broke the rules repeatedly, Jungle Boy only returned the favour on 2 occasions.

- As predicted Omega spent more time taunting his opponent.

- The biggest 3 minute accumulation of offence was achieved by Jungle Boy.

- The competitors split the advantages across the 3 minute chunks; 3-3.

- Omega's offence follows a clear upward trajectory, whereas Jungle Boy's is far more sporadic.

- The competitors were evenly matched throughout, trading the advantage.

- This Flow of Offence shows how Omega piped the advantage as well as the actual victory, at the last.

- Jungle Boy's Big Offence advantage is more prominent than Omega's Match Offence advantage.

- The competitive nature of this match meant both competitors were below their usual averages in quite a few categories.

- Jungle Boy only managed to exceed his averages with Dives when it comes to offensive categories. A sign of his disadvantage in terms of power.

- Omega struggled to assert himself as he usually would with Big Offence so fell back on more simple Strikes.

- Omega's Pin, Foul and Taunt numbers point to a man fearful of losing his title but desperately trying to conceal that.

Where I really enjoyed this match and thought the action was worthy of a Dynamite main event, I have a real problem with Jungle Boy's signature move being broken by an illegal action. This is the second time this has happened as Darby Allin also broke it via illegal means. To me this is the equivalent of a foul in football (soccer) that denies a winning goal. The rules do need to protect against it.

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