Dynamite Roundtable #7 - 28.04.21

Welcome to the AEW Dynamite Roundtable, where Pro Wrestling Musings' contributors share their thoughts on the biggest talking points arising from AEW Dynamite. Please note writer's views are their own.

This week's contributors are:

- Gareth Ford-Elliot: @RHWGareth [GFE]

- Ryan Gorneault: @RyanGorneault [RG]

- Daisy Foster @boutmachines [DF]

- Craig William @CraigPWMusings [CW]

- Joe Cabana: @JoeProWrestling [JC]

1) Brian Cage dispatched ‘Hangman’ Adam Page in about 6 minutes after a pre-match assault from Team Taz. What did you make of this and where does this leave Hangman moving forward?

(JC) I’ve felt pretty confident that Adam Page would not be challenging Kenny Omega at this year’s Double or Nothing PPV, so I’ve been wondering what they were going to do with him as the #1 contender.

This match against Brian Cage came as a bit of a shock but I’m very pleased that they did it, it both protected Hangman and helps move him down the rankings, whilst it simultaneously plays into the story and the history of Adam Page, not getting the job done when he’s been close to achieving something great. Hangman’s time will come, and it was nice to see Cage get a big win on TV, I’m very pleased with how they went about this.

(DF) I was pleased with the outcome of this one, too. Omega needs a contender at Double or Nothing and it’s far too soon for Hangman Page. It certainly shocked a lot of people that Hangman, who almost seems untouchable, got beaten so thoroughly. However, a clean and decisive victory over the number one contender makes Cage look great, and Hangman didn’t lose out in the process.

[CW] It’s a great shout having Page lose like this, it’s too soon for him to come up against Omega. A blip here is great before another failure at All Out, for me. I’d stretch it out and have this Omega character change and evolve. But that’s as a huge Omega fan!

I thought it was unnecessary for Page to be assaulted before the match. Cage is impressive enough and the subtleties of the Page character arc means that failures are part of the story. In life people ebb and flow, they mess up, get complacent and must work hard to get where they are going. Page’s loss should have been part of this, the interference gives credence to the idea, some people are champions, and some aren’t. Struggle, growth and failure should be Page’s story, not unfair circumstances.

2) SCU put Young Bucks on notice after they defeat Sydal Brothers with a 4-way eliminator match set for next week to determine number 1 contenders to challenge the Young Bucks on May 12th. What do you envisage sprouting from this?

[GFE] SCU challenging the Bucks is something that's been building on Dark and Elevation for months now. It was towards the end of 2020 where Frankie Kazarian told Christopher Daniels that SCU were over the next time they lost and that also came on Dark.

It's a shame SCU's final run hasn't had more Dynamite moments and matches because the end result does deserve that.

It is clear to me that SCU win the 4-way eliminator and then lose to the Bucks the next week on Dynamite, thus ending SCU as a tag team. I suspect we'll see some form of Kazarian heel turn after this all leading to Daniels vs Kaz at Double or Nothing in Daniels' retirement match. Who better to do it than his long-time tag partner?

Long term I'd like to see Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian re-unite as heels because as much as I love them, the singles mid-card division is so stacked and as former champs and heels they'd play an important role in the tag division.

[CW] We’ve seen the Bucks vs SCU before, albeit in the Sky/Kaz form, so do we want it again? Kaz and Daniels arguably more than deserve a big match to send off their tag team in style. However, the 4-way ‘Eliminator’ is confusing; even more so than the eliminator phrase now equalling title shot earning opportunity.

Do Kaz and Daniels fall in the latter stages of this match? It’s arguably more dramatic and less prestigious leading to more story potential as Kaz presumably snaps on Daniels. This is the direction I would go with, otherwise why not just award Daniels/Kaz a title match as they are head and shoulders above the others as number 1 contenders.

(DF) The writing’s been on the wall for this one since late last year. The Bucks and SCU have a long and storied history together, and of all the people to retire them as a tag team, who better than Jackson brothers?

SCU will take the four-way next week with some struggle, but I’m fairly confident they’ll come out on top unified going into their match on May 12th. This four-way likely exists to give the Dynamite audience some idea of what Kazarian and Daniels are about since their TV appearances have been spotty recently.

3) With Brian Cage defeating Hangman and Orange Cassidy defeating Penta El Zero Miedo, Orange Cassidy will move into the Number 1 Contender’s position. Would Orange Cassidy make for an exciting and worthy opponent for Kenny Omega at Double or Nothing?

(JC) Orange Cassidy certainly would make for an exciting opponent, he usually does well in the ratings and also gets the most views on social media so in that sense he’s also worthy of the opportunity. The question is if he would sell PPVs, that’s where he’s unproven. Orange Cassidy seems like a TV challenger rather than a PPV one for me, at this moment in time, but I honestly wouldn’t mind if they went ahead and main evented the PPV with this guy.

(DF) I see Cage as a more likely opponent than Orange, but if it turned out this way I would not be opposed. Orange has returned to form for me - I was getting a little tired of him with his over-saturated booking last year, but they’ve done a good job at getting his character back on track recently.

The only thing I worry about is that Kenny’s almost a comedy character right now, too. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good comedy match, but I just can’t see this having the same fire as Pac vs Orange at Revolution, and I think it would fit better as a Dynamite main event than a PPV main event.

[GFE] As Kenny Omega’s title begun Orange Cassidy was one of various wrestlers I most wanted to see him face. I’m not Cassidy’s biggest fan, sometimes he is over-exposed on Dynamite and I feel he gets a little stale. But one area I really think he’d thrive is in a feud with Omega.

It feels perfect, in a way, for Double or Nothing. Kenny needs a loveable babyface and Darby Allin is busy, Jungle Boy isn’t quite at that level and Hangman Page is being saved for another time. With not long to build this match also, I feel Cassidy is best placed.

I must say, I always envisioned Cassidy vs Omega as more of a TV main event than a PPV main event. But there’s certainly data to suggest Cassidy could draw on PPV if they trust him to, especially with a proven draw in Omega.

4) What stood out from the ‘Blood & Guts Parley’ ahead of next week’s huge match?

(JC) Chris Jericho for one, stood out. Santana, Ortiz, Sammy, FTR, Wardlow, MJF, all of them have done their job of selling me on this match already, Jericho has been the one I’ve been waiting for to really hit it out of the park, I’m happy to report that he finally did this week. I thought a match like this would be used to end a rivalry once and for all, I don’t see that being the case here. There’s still the need to put the focus on Santana & Ortiz vs FTR, Sammy vs Spears, Hager vs Wardlow and probably MJF vs Jericho again. I was expecting all of that to come before they ever did this match stipulation. Lastly, I am glad to see the rules of the parley followed, we did not need to see anything physical this week, they used the segment to build tension and fuel the hatred between all individuals, that to me was a perfect go home segment for the match.

(DF) MJF for me, has done the best job at selling this thing. I’m excited to see a young guy like him getting the opportunity to lead a stable and be in the spotlight at such a huge match. That being said, I’ve been disappointed in how not hyped I’ve been leading up to Blood and Guts. The Inner Circle as faces just aren’t working for me and I would have liked a longer build-up to properly mould them into that ‘good guy’ role. The Parley was pretty good overall, but it didn’t do too much for my excitement metre. Fingers crossed that the match itself delivers above my expectations.

[RG] Sometimes, I don’t need matches to be “sold” to me in order for me to get hyped up about it. The fact that these two teams are fighting in a War...um...Blood & Guts match is enough to hype me up about the match because the very stipulation is such a legendary fixture in wrestling. The promos up until the Parlay were not all that impressive to me, and if I was looking at this from an outsider’s perspective, I would probably be sold on the match based on their bloody backstage brawl, because if anything, that was what made me truly realize just how badly these two teams wanted to go at it.

The parlay was massively effective all around, because it actually convinced me that the Inner Circle *might* just be the good guys. Somehow, for just the briefest of moments, it actually made me believe that of all people, Chris Freakin’ Jericho was someone to cheer for. Every single promo he has done since leaving WWE has SCREAMED “bad guy” (even when he was trying to be the face), so the fact that for just the smallest amount of time I was able to forget that he has essentially been an established heel is impressive.

[CW] Sammy Guevara.

5) Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley managed to coax a tag match against Omega & Nakazawa out of Don Callis. What implications do you think this could have on Double or Nothing?

(JC) If any, I hope the implications from this match are that due to interference or post-match shenanigans from The Young Bucks this could help set up a tag team championship match at Double or Nothing for Mox and Kingston. There is a long list of teams that I’d love to see get a chance to hold the tag titles in AEW, Moxley and Kingston are probably at the top of it, perhaps only rivalled by Santana & Ortiz right now.

(DF) I don’t think this match will have any big storyline implications. From the way Omega was acting this week, this match might just be a solid ten minutes of Nakazawa beating without a single tag-in from Kenny. In the aftermath, I’m hoping for a healthy feud between the Elite and Mox/Kingston, with an eventual tag title change down the line.

[GFE] This match has been created so that Omega can look like an absolute d-head whilst Nakazawa eats the pin. Whilst also serving as a win for the team of Moxley and Kingston to add to their win/loss record.

I mentioned earlier in Question 2 how Young Bucks will deal with SCU by May 12th leaving just two weeks to build a World Tag Team Championship match for Double or Nothing, which isn't much time. But who better for The Bucks to face than the guy they turned on and the guy who they helped put on the shelf?

I'm hopeful that Mox and Eddie defeat the Young Bucks. I feel The Bucks losing their championships after a period of being arrogant heels will pose a fascinating test for their characters. Meanwhile Eddie Kingston bringing a world championship home to his mother with the same guy he tried to take one off caps a beautiful character arc.

[CW] I don’t know... I actually don’t want to see the Bucks vs Mox/King for the titles. The Bucks are the biggest proponents of tag team wrestling perhaps of all time, already. Have them defend against a tag team. I think you only have two options within the current landscape: Jurassic Express or Fenix/PAC.

Jurassic Express have actually faced the Bucks on PPV but this time you would see the full potential of this match with a heel/face dynamic. However, that match could wait and make way for a rematch of that unreal Dynamite opener from a few weeks back.

If the Bucks don’t face Moxley and Kingston does that mean one of them faces Omega? It’s really hard to say. Personally, I wanted Konosuke Takeshita vs Kenny Omega. An international, cross-promotional, Japanese-style main event in the ilk of Omega’s fame generating performances of old could generate some of that 2017 Omega buzz.

6) After defeating Penelope Ford, Kris Statlander is building quite the record in the rankings. Do you see her challenging for the women’s championship soon?

(DF) Kris is the perfect challenger - she’s got buzz with the Best Friends but she’s also fresh off an injury and will look great in loss if the match is done right. However, I don’t think she’s fated for a match-up with Shida. It’s a good sign for Britt’s reign that babyface women are being built up right now - it should result in a more cohesive run than Shida’s with plenty of great wrestlers to defend against straight off the bat.

[RG] Kris Statlander is a competitor who is pretty much as good as any opponent she faces; there’s a reason why her matches against the aforementioned Penelope Ford, or even Ashley Vox and John Silver, were her best matches.

Now, I would like her to challenge for the Women’s belt soon, but I think I would prefer her to challenge before Double Or Nothing rolls around because I could see her having a better match with current champion Hikaru Shida than I do with (probably) future champion Dr. Britt Baker DMD.