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Dynamite Match Stats - ft. Jon Moxley vs Yuji Nagata

AEW Dynamite - 12.05.21 Match Stats

This was a divisive episode of Dynamite, both in that it was a bit Jekyll and Hyde and that it has ignited fractious discourse online. The highs were mountainous but the lows were somewhat problematic or even TNA. Three tremendous wrestling matches that represented those highs are analysed below, and look out for the Dynamite Roundtable over the weekend that digs into those highs and lows.

Jon Moxley vs Yuji Nagata - IWGP United States Championship

What a way to start the show! This was terrific. The big fight feel for this match is everything I want out of my pro-wrestling and Jon Moxley is an absolute pro at capturing that feeling.

This was strong-style-NJPW in feeling with a Jon Moxley/American TV wrestling edge and it was only 8 and a half minutes long! A refreshing change for old NJPW-heads who tend to get their strong style in 30 minute chunks.

It was Moxley's performance that peeked my interest here. He went to the rule-breaks early in the match. Confusing, as tenacity and teaching an older guy that called you a punk a lesson doesn't need to come from rule-breaks that give you an advantage. One that your opponent was unwilling to use as a shortcut; Moxley with 4 fouls all of which occurred within 3 minutes, Nagata refused to follow suit. Moxley had minor advantages across the board, but what the character should be most proud of is that he came out on top of all four of the striking-face-offs.

Finally, the Flow of Offence, as you can note below, follows a very strong back and forth with Moxley bookending the match with surges and Nagata making his surge in the middle of the encounter.

SCU vs Young Bucks - AEW World Tag Team Championships

If you are a fan of the AEW in-house style then this match was for you, and what a treat you got! Stand out moments included Christopher Daniels' botched BME and Don Callis' disgust at Daniels bleeding on Matt Jackson's shoes, the action and storytelling here was quality and quantity.

The Flow of Offence shows a very suitably laid out match in terms of strength of offence used across the 3 minute blocks. SCU started with vigour and intent before falling to their younger and more nefarious opponents. The Bucks took control halfway through and never really allowed themselves to be overwhelmed by SCU again.

The high numbers of Grapples, Dives and Strikedowns is very typical of an AEW tag team encounter, in fact until their heel turn the Bucks were often around the double digits mark for Dives. Fascinatingly, SCU utilised more Tags and Double Teams than the Bucks. This is highly unusual as the Bucks usually utilise way more of these than their opponents.

Darby Allin vs Miro - TNT Championship

What's striking from this contest is how much Darby actually got in despite the presentation of the match being that Miro was destroying him. Miro's dominance was communicated by Darby's selling and him communicating his confidence via taunts and showmanship.

The offence spread in this match was smaller than in the other two matches covered in this article. Allin was damaged after the pre-bell attack meaning that Miro spent a lot of time in control as Darby struggled and avoided. When you compare Moxley's 3 minute offensive chunks to Darby or Miro's you can see the difference.

Its quite something that they made Miro look like such a monster with him getting in such little offence. Markers of power and dominance; Strikedowns and Grapples, were small in number from Miro.


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