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Dynamite Match Stats - 18th June 2018

Welcome to this week's Dynamite Match Stats article where we present all the in-ring statistics from this week's AEW Dynamite. If you haven't listened already, our Pro Wrestling Musings Podcast uses these statistics to break down AEW's matches and booking through he unique metric of in-ring statistics.

Jake Hager vs Wardlow - MMA Cage Match

A match that received a lot of criticism for failing to convincingly simulate an MMA match, however one that a lot of wrestling fans enjoyed nonetheless. Yes, Wardlow's worked punches lacked conviction but the match managed to protect Hager's MMA record and Wardlow's aura.

Wardlow dominated in terms of Strike frequency, Strike power and big Grapples. Hager sold brilliantly for him, looking punch-drunk at times but ultimately was put over strong via his Submission prowess.

The Bellator footage at the start really helped put over Hager's Nech and Arm Triangle Choke.

Darby Allin vs Ethan Page/Scorpio Sky - Handicap Match

You may be surprised to see the Match Offence percentages so colse together but the Flow of Offence graph below shows why that is the case. Darby Allin is put over strong at the start, a ferocious ball of fire, but the Page/Sky beatdown is prolonged and sets up Darby for an impressive late match surge.

The 12 Tags from Page and Sky really underline the stipulation with their use of Fouls even when having the numbers advantage really underlines their dastardly attitude.

Cody Rhodes/Brock Anderson vs QT Marshall/Aaron Solow

The 60/40 offence split is odd when you look at the participants, as in the team with the rookie dominating the match. It's not even the case of that team using lots of simple Strikes to compensate for being out-matched, Cody and Brock more than doubled their opponent's use of Big Offence.

The Flow of Offence underlines all of this yet again, QT and Solow struggled to really control any part of this match for a sustained period.

Cody Rhodes/Brock Anderson vs QT Marshall/Aaron Solow

Look at the volume of offence in this relatively short match! Over 100 Strikes in total, in this back and forth encounter; check out the Flow of Offence graph below to see the severity of those back and forths.

This match had more of a typical offence split. The heels getting more in but it being more simple strike based with Fouls strewn in there to keep the opponents down. Whereas the babyfaces, hit double the Big Offence of their opponents and showed their guile via Reversals.

Note: Penelope Ford defeated Julia Hart and Orange Cassidy defeated Cezar Bononi on this week's Dynamite but neither match was really of a sufficient length for stats.


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