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Dynamite Diamond - MJF vs Orange Cassidy Preview

Collated Averages from All Traditional Singles Matches in 2020.

Orange Cassidy goes into the match with MJF with the Striking advantage and a more likelihood to take to the skies. However MJF will look to ground Orange with Grapples and Submissions. MJF will need to take heed of Cassidy's supreme reversal skills.

Unsurprisingly, MJF is more likely to taunt and break the rules as well as more likely to be keen to put the match to bed with his fore frequent use of pin attempts. MJF is likely to go for a finisher every 5 minutes! Whereas Orange goes for a finisher every 20 minutes.

MJF has shown himself capable of dishing out more offence and taking less in 2020 1v1 traditional rules singles matches in AEW. This one is going to be a tough ask for Cassidy.


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