Double or Nothing Preview | AEW Dynamite Roundtable #11

Welcome to the AEW Dynamite Roundtable, where Pro Wrestling Musings' contributors share their thoughts on the biggest talking points arising from AEW Dynamite. This week is doubling up as a Double or Nothing preview. Please note writer's views are their own.

This week's contributors are:

-Ryan Gorneault: @RyanGorneault [RG]

-Gareth Ford-Elliot: @RHWGareth [GFE]

-Jacob Burns: @SaltyAyyycob [JB]

-Daisy Foster @boutmachines [DF]

-Anthony Bennett: @AnthonyDownUnda [AB]

-Joe Cabana: @JoeProWrestling [JC]

-Tim Morehouse: @TimmayMan [TM]

1) What did you make of the Dynamite go-home show?

[TM] As a go home show, it was okay. As a cathartic reminder that life in the US is coming back after the pandemic, it was wonderful. Seeing the fans there and hearing their voices was great. The chant of “Miro’s going to kill you” and seeing the blissful expression come over Miro’s face did more to build him up than any booking could.

[RG] This show probably wouldn’t have been a success without the return of full capacity crowds because none of the promo work really did anything more to build up Double or Nothing, and none of the in-ring action was exceptional. The crowds made that show. [JC] Not a fan, I thought it was one of my least favourite episodes and it did nothing than make me less excited for the PPV. The build to most matches has been so lacklustre and I find myself not caring about most of it.

[AB] This was a below average episode to be honest. It was amazing to see fans and hear the noise coming from the. It made me wish to be there in that atmosphere. They were into everything all night. Unfortunately, the episode was affected by audio being caught of one of the Spanish announce team making fun of Shida’s accent. This really left a bad feeling leading into the PPV.

[JB] Functional is the word that comes to mind. Besides the weigh-in, everything accomplished what it set out to do. It just wasn’t particularly spectacular. But they could have had Cody strip down to his undies for 10 minutes and that fresh crowd still would have gone crazy... Oh wait...

2) Riho vs. Serena Deeb for the NWA World’s Women’s Championship.

[GFE] This appears to be very straight forward. Riho defeated Serena Deeb in the Women’s Eliminator Tournament earlier this year, after which Deeb was injured and Riho returned to Japan. Now she’s back and a title shot makes sense. AEW know this match will bang, get the crowd hot and it could even steal the show despite not being on the main card.

Prediction: Serena Deeb.

[TM] Even the Buy-In has me excited. This match should really get the crowd hyped up as both women are excellent workers. Don’t see a title change happening on the pre-show though.

Prediction: Serena Deeb.

[RG] The NWA World Women’s Title has yet to change hands on AEW programming, so it seems unlikely that things will change any time soon. Plus, it seems unlikely that Riho would have a run in the NWA. No matter what the result though, if their match is any bit as good as their Dynamite match, I would call their match a success.

Prediction: Serena Deeb.

[AB] This is an interesting match, Riho defeated Deeb in the Womens tournament and Deeb is back after injury. Riho on her social media said she has set up permanently in US now. This will be a great match, I'd like to see Riho get the win, but Deeb will get the win here.

Prediction: Serena Deeb

[DF] I expect this match to be world class. Deeb is one of my favourites in the women's division and Riho rarely disappoints. It’s the perfect choice to kick off Double or Nothing’s stacked card. I’d love to go against the grain here and predict a Riho upset, but there’s no way this doesn’t go in Serena’s favour. Prediction: Serena Deeb

3) Brian Cage vs ‘Hangman’ Adam Page.

[TM] When Cage pinned Page a few weeks back on Dynamite I saw it as a great example of what AEW strives to be. At their inception they promoted a more sports-based product and in sports sometimes you have an upset. Not in the vein of David and Goliath, but more in the spirit of the NFL’s Patriots vs. the Packers.

Both teams are good but a win for the either is possible. Brian Cage is the type of wrestler in that any time he gets in the ring, I believe he can walk out with the win. Page’s storyline potential shouldn’t protect him from getting beat by legitimate competition. That’s sports. Sometimes the Cinderella team/performer has a miss-step. That said, Page should probably win here to get back on track to the World Title.

Prediction: Adam Page

[JC] I think Hangman gets his win back here, and Brian Cage will most likely have to deal with repercussions from Taz and his team in the following weeks. If you had forgotten, the crowd was your reminder last night, it’s time to move Hangman towards Omega and the shiny gold plate. Prediction: The Hangman.

[RG] Both Adam Page and Brian Cage need this win for very different reasons. If Cage loses, he risks losing the support of Team Taz, and if Page loses, his momentum is halted yet again, and he risks not being perceived as good enough when he finally ascends to the top of the AEW totem pole. I agree with JC here. it’s Page’s time, but I don’t know if AEW agrees.

Prediction: Mixed bag

[JB] It would make sense for Hangman Page to get his win back here. It would put his train back on the track to the AEW Championship, and that’s what everyone expects to happen. I just don’t think Page is going to be challenging for that title for a good while. I also like the idea of setting Brian Cage up as the one guy Hangman can’t beat for after he wins the title.

Prediction: Brian Cage

4) Casino Battle Royale.

[GFE] I think Christian Cage has this in the bag. They’ve been building this match around him so it feels like his time to “out work” 20 other men. However, I hope AEW are subverting our expectations. It’d be a boring way for Christian to earn his opportunity in my opinion and it’s also the obvious pick. Furthermore, Jungle Boy vs Kenny Omega NEEDS to happen. I am desperate.

For the joker, I was initially going to go with Paul Wight but after Tony Kahn’s promo before Dynamite and all the WWE/NJPW fuss, I think it’d be hilarious if Bryan Danielson turned up as the joker. Bryan vs Jungle Boy final two. Perfect. (It won’t happen but let me dream).

Prediction: Jungle Boy wins with Bryan Danielson as the Joker.

[TM] I always enjoy these. They can get kind of crowded but it’s just nice to see multiple performers get a moment on PPV. It’s an easy way to set up a Dynamite main event down the road.

As for the mystery Joker entrant, let’s lay some odds down for who that may be.

Paul Wight 3:1

Sammy Callihan 9:1

Bryan Danielson 15:1

Gentleman Jarvis 100:1

Prediction: Christian Cage [JC] Not really looking forward to this match, but you’d always hope it’s a good time at worst. I think the winner is quite obvious, and he doesn’t really need to win a BR for a title shot anyways. The only interest for me lies in Jungle Boy’s performance and who the Joker is. I have no expectations for anything crazy, this will just fill time and get people on PPV.

Prediction: Christian Cage

[RG] Wait, are people thinking Gentleman Jarvis will appear? Because that would be AMAZING! I think either Paul Wight or an Impact Wrestling wrestler are the most likely options. AEW could always send out Wight to pop the crowd, but it would do AEW and Impact some good to further establish their relationship so it's not so one-sided.

Prediction: Eddie Edwards or Sami Callihan as the Joker and Christian Cage as the winner