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Dark Order Power Rankings


In recent months, the Dark Order have grown into a dynamic stable within AEW. Like cults throughout history its structure is based on rank and power, but is the Dark Order ranking system really representative of who is the strongest in the group? Based on overall wins, and offense given vs. offense received, I have developed my own power ranking within the group.

Looking at the overalls wins what stands out is that Stu Grayson and Evil Uno account for half of the group's wins. I counted tag team wins as one win for each member. Reynolds, Silver, and Jay have no wins on record.

In comparing offense given vs. offense taken only three members take more than they give. I don't think it's coincidence that these three are the same that have zero wins (the aforementioned Reynolds, Silver, and Jay).

On to the rankings!

9 – Anna Jay

The group’s newest and only female member, Anna Jay is also one of AEW’s least experienced in ring talents. With only a handful of matches in her budding career, Jay has shown basic competency but nothing that has translated into wins. Within Dark Order she has the worst difference between offense given vs. taken (-29). The future is bright for her, but as of now she doesn’t pose any threat to the women’s division.

8 – Alex Reynolds

The maker of the Kool-Aid doesn’t have much going in terms of wins or offense. He also has the notoriety of losing to Jon Moxley in under 10 seconds (granted this was before he joined Dark Order). Currently the team of Reynolds and Silver are the punching bags for the Tag Team division.

7- John Silver

While Silver and Reynolds possess identical stats due to their teaming together, I put Silver a rank higher based on the charisma he has shown on Being the Elite. The guy can’t keep a straight face during bits, but that adds to his character. He has a powerhouse offense despite his small stature.

6- Preston Vance

If “10” hadn’t spent most of 2020 recovering from shoulder surgery, I have no doubt that he would rank higher on this list. He is quite the physical specimen and has shown decent in ring ability. Once he’s 100% I’m really looking forward to seeing what he brings.

5- Alan Angels

Angels has had some high profile singles matches (see his match against Kenny Omega) which grabbed the attention of both AEW management and the Dark Order. His quick fire offense has resulted in a positive offensive output (+22 over offense taken). He’s a solid performer whose place in the middle of the rankings is appropriate.

4- Colt Cabana While not an official member of the group, I wanted to include him in the rankings as he’s been spending a lot of time in their company. An innovator of offensive maneuvers it will be interesting to see if his time with Dark Order is fleeting or permanent.

3- Mr. Brodie Lee

“The Exalted One” comes in at number three on my list. He receives a surprising amount of offense and doesn’t have the win total of my top two. While he’s the only member to challenge for the AEW World title, he came up short in his match. If he wants to rise in these rankings he’s going to need more decisive wins, and spend less time hitting his underlings with rolled up papers.

2- Stu Grayson

Cited by Excalibur as a man “bred for combat” Stu Grayson may be one of AEW’s hidden workhorses. His frame packs a surprising amount of power and his offensive output is always high energy. It may not be long before he realizes that Dark Order is holding him back, despite the fact that he’s one of the founding members.

1- Evil Uno

Originally I was going to rank Grayson as number one, but Uno posts the greatest difference of offense given vs. taken (+76). Partly this is due to his willingness to throw other members of the Dark Order to opponents. Cunning and innovative, he’s earned the title of Uno.

Agree or disagree? Comment below.


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