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Danielson vs Rush | In-ring Statistics | AEW Dynamite: 08.02.23

Bryan Danielson has been on a tear in 2023, with highly acclaimed matches with Bandido and Takeshita. You'd be forgiven for not expecting his match with Rush to quite hit those heights, but last night on Dynamite, Rush really brought it.

Below you will find the anatomy of the match that has garnered such praise online and currently sits at 9.28 after 189 votes on Cagematch.

Flow of Offence - Each man's successful offence, minute-by-minute:

As above but chunked into three minute buckets:

As before but adding each total to what was achieved before:

Momentum is calculated by a competitors offence minus their opponent's. This shows who had the upper-hand in each minute of the match:

The four previous charts side by side to highlight patterns:

The match's overall flow:

A look at how Danielson'd performance contrasts with other Danielson matches:

The best of 2023 compared with Danielson and Rush:

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