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Cody in Atlanta | In-ring Statistics for AEW Dynamite: Atlanta | December 1st, 2021

The last time Cody Rhodes wrestled in Atlanta he jumped off a steel cage, backwards. This time around he dove through a flaming table, backwards, with another man's weight pushing himself down... Whether or not this image will serve Cody as well as the previous one seems unlikely and going to such lengths for questionable gains is Cody's current position in the company in a microcosm.

Alan Angels vs Bryan Danielson

Danielson has no interest in pinning Angels until he completely destroys him with almost exclusively strikes.

CM Punk vs Lee Moriarty

CM Punk is arguably out-done by Moriarty as MJF chortled about it on commentary. Punk has to resort to any striking opportunity and high-risk dives as Moriarty ties him up and drops him with more than 1 in every 2 strikes.

Darby Allin ans Sting vs Colten and Billy Gunn

Frequent tags and submissions were not enough to grind Sting and Darby's high impact grapple and strikedown offence.

Wardlow vs AC Adams

6/7 of Wardlow's offensive 'hit' were in the Big Offence category as he imposed his will on poor AC Adams.

Kris Statlander vs Ruby Soho

Statlander barely bothers with strikes and hit Soho with a 'late-match Utami Hayashishita-esque' slew of grapples and submissions from the get-go. Soho utilised a more diverse spread of offence.

Cody Rhodes vs Andrade El Idolo

Barely anything between these two men, a couple of moves difference in a few of the categories. Andrade led Cody in all offensive metrics except grapples.


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