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CM Punk's Impact on AEW | All Out 2022 In-ring Statistics.

All Out 2021 is the highest rated AEW show except for the Brodie Lee Memorial according to Cagematch voters with a rating of 9.55. This year's instalment is currently rated 7.67 which makes it the 93rd highest rated show in the company's history, on Cagematch.

For a bit more context, here are all the AEW PPVs and their Cagematch ratings:

With all the talk of what CM Punk has done for AEW's business, lets have a look at Wrestlenomics' display of PPV buys:

You'll notice there is a tangible increase around the time Punk, Danielson and Cole come in and the three PPVs following his arrival are very well rated; All Out '21, Full Gear '21 and Revolution '22. This tails off as 2022 progresses with his next two PPVs being poorly rated.

Now one man's performance cannot derail a PPV, just look at the Revolution 2020 rating which certainly does not hit the heights of the best match on the show. However, with all the talk of what exactly Punk's value is to AEW post media scrum and backstage incident is, these metrics are certainly worth mulling over.

Is too much of AEW's strategy post Punk's arrival dependent on his star power? What is AEW if not the critically acclaimed wrestling brand? Is Punk worth it?

With that in mind check out the In-ring Statistics for Punk's ill-fated AEW World Championship win over Jon Moxley:

Additionally check out the In-ring Statistics for other significant matches in the AEW All Out card:

Check out the graphics below for direct comparisons of four of the bigger matches at All Out 2022:


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