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Big Match Feel - Kenny Omega vs Jungle Boy

Welcome to our 'Big Match Feel' preview of AEW Dynamite's World Championship showdown between the hyper-popular Jungle Boy, and New Japan legend, Kenny Omega. In this article we will use statistics collected from each competitor's near half hour of pure 1v1 wrestling. These are PPV or Dynamite matches contested under traditional rules. We will do this using both Kayfabe and non-kayfabe narratives. Because you are intelligent enough to process both!

2021 In-ring Statistics - Traditional Singles

Let's examine this in the realm of Kayfabe first.

Both competitors come into the match with a similar total ring time for this kind of match in the 2021 AEW Wrestling League. Therefore both men have had the same amount of experience in the ring this year to hone their tactics in Singles matches. Interestingly, both men have thrown Strikes at a rate of around 115 Strikes per hour. This is where the similarities end.

When we look at Grapple Rates, Omega far outstrips his younger and more sleight opponent. Omega's 40 Grapples per hour is a rate 40% more than that of Jungle Boy. Omega's Strikedown Rate compliments his Grapple Rate, with almost a third of his Strikes resulting in a downing of his opponent.

However Jungle Boy has shown himself braver from elevated positions with a Dive Rate of around 8 per hour with Omega staying firmly grounded during his 28.5 minutes in the ring.

Surprisingly, Jungle Boy has also managed to grind his opponents to the mat more than his bigger and stronger opponent, with over double the submission time total. This could be key as Jungle Boy looks to lock in the Snare Trap on the AEW World Champion. Another area Jungle Boy excels in is reversing his opponent's offence with him having avoided 33% of his opponents attacks.

In terms of sticking to the rules or looking for an underhanded advantage, it is Omega the referee needs to keep in check. He has 2.5x the Rate of Fouls of his opponent. He then tends to rub this in his opponent's face far more than Jungle Boy again, this time with almost double the Taunt Rate.

The Kayfabe story here is that Omega is adept with powerful attacks such as Grapples and Strikedowns. Whereas Jungle Boy has stereotypically junior attributes such as adeptness with Dives and Reversals. However where Jungle Boy breaks the mould is his Submission prowess. Reversals into Submissions may be young Jack Perry's only hope.


Moving things along to Non-Kayfabe...

The Strike Rate would suggest an even start to the match as the two wrestlers present a feeling out process. Then we will probably also see a period of domination from Omega built off the back of Grapples. His rate is the 2nd highest in AEW after Brian Cage; when we eliminate wrestlers with under 20m in the ring.

Jungle Boy's comebacks could be numerous due to his frequent Reversal Rate; his is the 2nd only behind Fenix when eliminating those with under 20m in the ring, but expect to see the same from Omega whose rate is only slightly lower. There is also a good chance Jungle Boy's, comebacks will be built off the back of Dives progressing into Submissions.

Expect cheating... Omega's Foul Rate is prominent although he tends to time them more so than a lot of other heel wrestlers, 18 wrestlers/teams have a higher Foul Rate than Omega out of 20m+ ring time competitors; including Darby Allin, Hikaru Shida and he is on par with Cody Rhodes!

Kenny Omega's Grapple Rate
Jungle Boy's Submission Rate

Look out for a Pro Wrestling Musings Podcast episode dedicated to previewing this match!


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