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Andrade is Good After All?! AEW Rampage In-ring Statistics | Cincinnati: September 10th.

Below you will find all the statistics from AEW Rampage: Cincinnati and some interest points.

Pac vs Andrade

- Andrade's 4 dives suggests he is capable of his NXT-level performances.

- These explosive athletes barely used any explosive strikedowns.

- Andrade dominated the offence due to his strike tally.

- Pac's submission and grapple use lead to him dominating the big offence total.

- Pac had built the biggest momentum spike of the match as it came to a crescendo.

- Pac and Andrade traded 4 minute spells of control from minute 5 to 12.

- Both men went 4 minutes of the match without any offence; cumulatively across it's entirety.

- Andrade dished out most of the offence for the first 13 minutes of this match.

- Pac's momentum spike in the final minute of the match meant he pipped Andrade at the most for dishing out the most damage.

These per hour rates make this match comparable with any you wish to contrast it with.

Andrade's match with Pac was enormously well received whereas critics were worried about his lack of form in the ring after his AAA Mega Championship shot:

- Simple strikes were used to keep things moving with Pac.

- Tripling his dive rate meant the match had more 'wow' moments against Pac.

- Oddly, his use of grapples was a fraction of the AA match against Pac.

- Reversal usage was at a similar rate in both matches.

- Match offence splits are exactly the same!

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