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AEW Wrestling League Standings - Post Dynamite 22.04.20

This week's AEW Dynamite saw Dustin Rhodes continue his long and storied career with a victory over Kip Sabian and Darby Allin defeat Sammy Guevara in the other TNT Championship quarter final match.

League tables are formed by the sum of a wrestler's win/loss records. Plus one point for a win and minus one point for a loss. When wrestlers are tied, we then look at form over their previous five matches then total wins.

AEW Wrestling League - Overall Standings

This division includes all wrestling matches in AEW in 2020. Matt vs Nick from BTE 200 has not been included as the referee officiating this match did not have an official AEW referee shirt on.


- Moxley maintains his top spot due to better form. Omega now level at the top on points.

- Cody now level with MJF on points with MJF ahead on form.

- Dustin Rhodes rises to 7th after avoiding retirement.

- Brodie Lee rises to just outside the top 10.

- (Correction) Jimmy Havoc is now 3-2.

AEW Wrestling League - Male Singles Division

Results this week:

Dark - Cody Rhodes defeated Joe Alonzo

Dynamite - Darby Allin defeated Sammy Guevara

Dynamite - Kenny Omega defeated Alan Angels

Dynamite - Orange Cassidy defeated Jimmy Havoc

Dynamite - Wardlow defeated Lee Johnson

Dynamite - Brodie Lee defeated Justin Law

Dynamite - Dustin Rhodes defeated Kip Sabian


- Cody is now up to second and is on a 4 match winning streak.

- Kenny Omega is right behind Cody and is also on a 4 match winning streak. He is also undefeated in singles matches in 2020.

- Darby Allin rises to 4th after a victory against his soon to be eternal rival Sammy Guevara.

- Brodie Lee's continuous undefeated introduction to AEW sees him rise into the top 10.

- Sammy Guevara slips out of the top 20 after a costly loss to Darby Allin.

Female Singles Division

Dark - Penelope Ford defeated Anna Jay


- Ford jumps into 4th and must be knocking on the door of the official AEW rankings.

- Baker may be tussling with Brandi Rhodes in the near future.

Male Tag Division

No matches this week.

Male Overall and Female Overall Standings

Available as distinct divisions here:

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