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AEW Wrestling League Standings - Post Dynamite 15.04.20

This week's Dynamite saw Jon Moxley successfully defend his AEW World Championship against Jon Moxley, Lance Archer progress in the TNT Championship tournament, Britt Baker return to action despite a broken nose in her last match as well as wins for Spears, Sabian and Guevara.

League tables are formed by the sum of a wrestler's win/loss records. Plus one point for a win and minus one point for a loss. When wrestlers are tied, we then look at form over their previous five matches then total wins.

AEW Wrestling League - Overall Standings

This division includes all wrestling matches in AEW in 2020. Including BTE Compound matches due to the presence of an AEW official in official AEW referee attire.


- 101 wrestlers have competed in an AEW ring in 2020.

- Sammy Guevara and Kenny Omega are the workhorses of AEW, each having wrestled 12 times this year.

- Kenny Omega has won the most matches with 10 victories this year.

- Jon Moxley is undefeated in 2020 with 9 wins from 9 matches. This is also the longest winning streak.

- Brandon Cutler has lost the most matches in 2020, with 10 losses from his 10 contests. This is also the longest losing streak.

AEW Wrestling League - Male Singles Division

Results this week:

BTE - Scorpio Sky defeated Brandon Cutler and Peter Avalon.

BTE - Nick Jackson won the Under the Budget Battle Royale.

Dark - Shawn Spears defeated Billy Gunn.

Dynamite - Lance Archer defeated Colt Cabana.

Dynamite - Sammy Guevara defeated Suge D.

Dynamite - Kip Sabian defeated Chuckie T.

Dynamite - Shawn Spears defeated Justin Law.

Dynamite - Jon Moxley defended the AEW World Championship against Jake Hager.


- Jon Moxley extends his dominant lead to 4 wins as Hager takes his first loss and drops behind.

- Lance Archer moves into joint 4th alongside MJF and Omega.

- Kip Sabian jumps up to 7th after defeating Chuckie T who is struggling near the bottom.

- Shawn Spears was the biggest winner in the division this week picking up 2 victories catapulting himself into the top 10 at joint 9th.

- Brandon Cutler's two losses on BTE, this week, sees him bottom of the Male Singles Division as well as the Overall Standings.

Female Singles Division

Results this week:

Dynamite - Britt Baker defeated Cassandra Golden.


- Only one match this week.

- Britt Baker is now evens for the year with 3 wins and 3 losses.

- Hikaru Shida is on a 7 match winning streak in singles competition and she holds a 3 win gap over the champion, Nyla Rose, in the league standings.

Male Tag Division

Results this week:

BTE - SCU defeated High-Risk


- Only 1 tag match this week.

- SCU now positive in terms of wins and losses for the year, +1. Their win takes them to 4th due to their superior accumulation of wins in comparison to the Young Bucks.

- Mega Cowboys and Dark Order lead the pack.

- Cowboys lead Dark Order by 1 win.

Male Overall and Female Overall Standings

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